Friday, May 08, 2009

Scrambled Eggs

Notice that I didn't say 'cracked eggs'--I don't think I want to go down that particular bumpy road again anytime soon. But I've noticed a couple of comments lately, folks mentioning that I haven't done any kitchen-centric blogging in quite awhile.

It's true, I haven't.

In fact, I haven't even used the kitchen at this place in a very long time. The last thing I actually 'cooked' here at this house was some chili dogs back during college football season. It's been months.

Why? Well, first of all, it seemed like every time I'd try to cook something that took more than ten minutes and one pan, my roommate and his girlfriend would come home with a shiatload of groceries and take over the entire kitchen making a four-course Indian or Thai spread that took two hours to prepare. So I felt like I was always rushed out, and I didn't want to sit there at the kitchen table while they were doing their thing, so I'd always take my meals 'to go' up to my room.

Aside from that, my hours are always oddball, and I'd want to cook breakfast around noon--just about the time my roommate would come home for lunch every day, or I'd want something in the middle of the night, but I couldn't very well bang around in the kitchen at 3:00 am--it would be noisy and inconsiderate, not to mention that it would drive the dogs nuts. And that's another thing--as much as I enjoy having the dogs around, they love the cool tile of the kitchen, so they are *always* underfoot and begging.

I was talking to Mamasan several months ago, and told her that I was considering moving, just because I feel like I'm only renting the bedroom and bathroom--this house, as nice as it is, has just never felt like 'home' to me, so I never lingered around downstairs at all. I can count on one hand the times I've sat on the couch down in the living room, and in the past year, I've spent maybe an hour out in the backyard. And I realized the other day that not once, since I moved in last July, have I ever cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast. And I love to cook breakfast!

It has nothing to do with me not getting along with my roommate or anything like that, he's a very nice and considerate person. But we just have nothing in common and rarely converse in passing. It's kinda like living with a stranger, even after all this time. So inertia might have kept me here longer, but I'd been thinking of moving on even before circumstances dictated that I find a new place to live. And truth be told, I've wanted a place of my own ever since I gave up my condo in Phoenix back in 2002.

So I guess that's why there's been a lack of posts regarding experiments in the kitchen--I just stopped cooking once I moved here--I don't think I used my huge cast iron skillet once since last summer, and it's my favorite thing to cook with. So what do I use the kitchen for? Well, the fridge holds yogurt, fruit, and stuff to make sandwiches, and the pantry has cereal and Chunky soup. Otherwise, I'll eat at work or eat out. And I *hate* eating at work, although sometimes it's a necessary evil. Most of the time, when I eat at home, it's cheese and crackers--the little fridge I use as a nightstand keeps it handy, and my ultra-cool Gerber Gator knife is great for slicing fruit and cheese. Hell, I can't even remember the last time I had toast or English muffins.

That's why I'm looking forward to having my own place--I can use the kitchen at anytime of the day or night, with no roommate to disturb and no animals underfoot. The only downside of the apartment is that it doesn't have a gas stove. I've been spoiled these past couple of years having a gas stove at my disposal, although I didn't take much advantage of the one here. And even though cooking on an electric stovetop is easier than cooking with gas (much more forgiving), it's much more fun cooking with gas.

It's ok though--back when I was living with the old codgers at Reuben's House, we had an electric rangetop (where only two burners worked) and the oven was a 60's style double-wide--one side was normal, and never worked, and one side was narrow and would only hold a cookie sheet if you slid it in lengthwise. If I could cook on that for almost two years, than a normal, fully functional electric range will be fine. And oh yeah, I can have a BBQ grill at the new place, too, so I'm gonna buy a cheapie charcoal grill as soon as I get some free cash.

So what am I gonna fix for my first meal at my new place? Breakfast, of course! Scrambled eggs, maple-flavored link sausage, hashbrowns, and toast!

After that, who knows? I'm craving spaghetti with my favorite kitchen-sink red sauce. That should tide me over for a few days. But once I get settled and life is back to normal, I'll start cooking again. I'm looking forward to banging the pans again, even if it's for something as simple as green-chili cornbread, chicken salad, or brats simmered in onions and beer.


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