Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moving Day

Hey gang...

Sorry for the light blogging lately--I know people get used to having lots of stuff to read and when I don't deliver, well, all I can say is 'sorry'.

I've been kinda-sorta super-tired, that whole day-shift-in-the-middle-of-a-graveyard-schedule has really thrown my system for a loop. I'm tired, but I'm wide awake, but I know I have a big day ahead of me, and I *know* I'm gonna get called into work again tomorrow night. I need to sleep at some point.

Anyhow, Friday was fun, aside from a full day shift at work where I made about half what I make in five or six hours on graveyard. Once I got out of work, I drove over to the new apartment, hoping once again to see the actual unit I'll be living in, but once again I was denied. I about flipped my shiat right there in the leasing office, but before I did, it was all explained to me.

Apparently, the unit I'm moving into today got a complete Home Makeover Henderson Edition. I got all new appliances--new fridge, new stove, new washer and dryer. And I got all new blinds all around, too. But, they hadn't done the 'maintenance walk-thru' yet, so they weren't allowed to show it to me, dammit.

But I drove back to it to see how badly it would be roasting in the sun at 5:00 pm in the afternoon, and I'm happy to report that it is nicely shaded, as is my patio. And it's a real patio, too, not the phone booth Rob and I had over on Green Valley Parkway. Also, when they installed the new blinds, they left them wide open, so I could see in all of the windows. It looks nice--perfect for my needs. And pressing my face on the glass, I could smell fresh paint and such.

So, once I got home, I grabbed a few hundies out of my stash can and ran to the bank to get the cashier's check for the move-in expenses, and while I was changing out of my work clothes, Carmen called. We made plans to get together later in the evening for dinner, poker, and buffoonery.

I hauled ass down to the bank, got in just under the wire (Friday night of a long holiday weekend--good lord, what a zoo!), took care of my biz, and then headed off to the 'M'.

We had a long night of buffoonery, which I'll detail fully later this weekend, but I just got home a few minutes ago and need to get a few hours of sleep. The first truckload of stuff goes over at 11:00 am. I'm gonna try to get three loads over and then catch up on sleep--I've got a feeling that Saturday is gonna be a very long day for me, though.

Anyhow, that's all for now, but maybe you weekend re-clickers will have something to read on Sunday night. Certainly by Tuesday morning when you get back to work, that's for sure.


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