Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Points For 60th Place

Hey everyone...

I feel like such a slacker this week, at least as far as the blog goes. I've been neglecting the keyboard very much lately, but then again, I have a legitimate excuse. I've been busier than hell.

I've had to work every day this past weekend, and I've also been a slave to the phone--I've had to go in early a couple of times because of the busy holiday traffic. I've also got that whole moving thing going on, and yeah, even though I've got all week, I'd really like to be done by Thursday. But between work kicking my ass, and feeling tired and cranky from being slightly sick, I haven't been able to get nearly as much done as I'd like.

I got home this morning around 6:30 or so, and have been sleeping ever since. And I'm definitely *not* moving stuff during the heat of the day, so right now, I'm relaxing with a cool drink, watching the afternoon shows on ESPN, and once the sun goes down, I'll take another load of stuff over to the new apartment.

Tomorrow is when the heavy lifting happens, however. In fact, I'm gonna run over to the U-Haul place and rent a cargo dolly, just because I can get stuff done about three times faster with about 90% less effort. And I don't wanna burn my hands again, that's for sure. The power gets switched on officially today, so I'm hoping that I'll be sleeping there by Thursday night, and on Friday the only thing left to do here at the house is the final cleaning.

So that's the plan for the rest of the week. I would've gotten a bunch done yesterday, but on Sunday I realized that the annual Binion's Poker Classic started again on Monday, and it kicked off with the Casino Employee's Event (the same tournament I took sixth place in last summer). I couldn't miss that. So after working all night, I came home, got about four hours worth of sleep, then got my ass up out of bed and dragged it downtown and got into the tournament.

The problem, besides still being tired as hell and fighting that bug, is that I haven't played in but one poker tournament in the past four months. My tournament game is rusty as hell. Having been concentrating on cash games, my mindset was a little different than last summer when all I did was play tournaments. So I've got to make some sort of adjustment.

Anyhow, there were 99 people entered into the event at Binion's, and once it got started, I could tell that I was just not playing very well at all. I was weaker than usual, and got pushed off a couple of hands--I was definitely not playing my 'A' game. Along with that, I was pretty card-dead for the first couple of levels.

However, as tired, sick, and weak as I was feeling, I managed to get a decent chip-stack built when I doubled up with pocket Queens that turned into a full house against a guy who had pocket Jacks. But that thrill didn't last very long.

Somewhere in the fourth or fifth level, I was in the small blind and finally got pocket Aces--only the fourth pocket pair I'd seen all day. The action was raised before it got to me, so I re-raised. My opponent then came over the top and went all-in pre-flop. He had me covered, so I figured I would double up. It was an easy call for me.

He turned over King-Queen off-suit, and I thought I was golden with my pocket Aces. But then the dealer ran two Kings out on the flop and I was done. Out in 60th place. Ugh. Honestly, though, sitting there in the tournament, I was feeling like crap and didn't know how I'd make it nine or ten hours that it would take to make the final table. Maybe getting busted out was a blessing, because I just wasn't feeling it yesterday.

So, I took off and headed for home. But, when I left Binion's, I realized that I was feeling pretty hungry. Had I thought about it before hitting the valet, I would've gone to the snack bar and got a bowl of chili and some cornbread or something. It was too late for that, so instead, I just headed west on Charleston and made my way over to Chicago Brewing Company. I hadn't been there in far too long, and I wanted a good meal.

I got some 'garlic donuts' and a bowl of French onion soup to start off with, then had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with homemade ranch chips for my entree. It was all very good, but the best part of the meal was their seasonal Springfest Ale. Damn, that was tasty, and much better than I expected. I downed three pints while I was there, and if I didn't have to drive all the way back to Henderson, I might've stayed there all night, emptying their kegs...

But, having not had much sleep, still feeling a little out of sorts, and knowing that I had to work later, I headed for home.

Once I got back to the house, I puttered around for a bit, moving some stuff out of the bedroom and out to the game room before giving up and going to bed. I got about an hour's worth of sleep before the phone rang again--the poker room was calling, asking me to come in early. It was a decent night at work, not great, but not bad.

That brings us to today. Now that I've gotten enough sleep, my evening will be dedicated to clearing out my room, at least down to the bare bones. We'll see how that goes.

By the way, the internet connection is probably gonna get cut off here sometime tomorrow night. Once that happens, it'll be a couple of days before I'm back up and running at my new place.

More later...


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