Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Did Your Heart Grow Fonder?

Yeah, I've been slacking lately, as far as the bloggin' goes, but I have an excuse--I worked a *lot* these past few days. I'm certainly not complaining--but it does tend to get in the way of my writing and poker playing time...

Actually, I haven't played that much poker at all. After the debacle last Wednesday night, I haven't played at all until last night. First of all, I was running sorta bad, and money is tight, so I decided to take a few days off.

I got back in the saddle again late last night, and I'm guessing I should've stayed off the horse for another night. I thought I was going to have to work again, but that didn't happen, so once I was free and clear, I headed back down to the M.

Their poker room was booming because of their Cince de Mayo promotion--basically any pocket fives that improve paid something, from a buffet for trips, $55 for a boat, and all the way up to $5,555 if you had red fives in the pocket and two black fives come out on the flop. (That happened once last night--right around 8 pm--and the guy was sitting in the five seat, of course...)

Anyhow, I played for just over 5 hours and lost over $250. I had one set the entire night, and one straight. Other than that, I never had anything better than two pair, and those got rivered a couple dozen times. If you looked up 'card dead' in the dictionary, there would be a not-very-flattering picture of me there, along with a cross-reference to 'snake bit'. Ugly night in the poker room for me--I couldn't hit a draw to save my life, and not once did I ever catch a 15-outer.

Bad juju all around. On the other hand, I still had a lot of fun, and my favorite dealer did a couple of downs at my table. Unfortunately, she didn't hit me with a high-hand bonus last night, which would've eased my pain a little bit.

Other than that, there just hasn't been anything interesting going on around here. Tomorrow I think I'm having lunch with Lars, and maybe doing a walkthrough in my new apartment, but that's about it. Otherwise, I'm just gonna start herding my shiat down to the garage.

I wish I had some good stories to tell, but right now, the well is dry.

Oh, by the way, I was so self-involved with my battery problems the other day, I forgot to send a shout out to readers RudySwans, Michelle in Ann Arbor, Kirsten Dunst, and Willie Nelson. We all have the same birthday! Sorry 'bout that.

Hopefully I'll have something interesting to talk about soon.


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