Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh By The Way...

Lost in all the recent events swirling around me is that fact that we still have the Sibling Revelry cruise coming up--IN LESS THAN A MONTH.  Yep, a month from now, I'll be lounging on deck of the Carnival Miracle, heading for the Southern Caribbean.  I cannot wait!

Speaking of recent events, I've got to amend my planned activities somewhat when I go on this vacation.  First of all, my alcohol intake will be somewhat curtailed, although not completely wiped out.  I'll still have wine with dinner at night, and probably a fruity drink or two while lounging by the pool, but that's probably about it.  I'm really not supposed to be drinking at all right now, so I'm pretty much on the wagon until then.  Same with smoking my pipe and cigars--none until the cruise.

I'll also probably have dessert once or twice that week, too, which is something I've completely abandoned since I got sick.  The doctors and the nutritionist said it would be ok to splurge a little by then and enjoy myself, but the truth is, my 'splurging' is going to be limited.  I know I won't be able to drink much, and of course my appetite has changed completely, so it's not like I'm going to go nuts.

Due to my lack of strength, I won't be able to go snorkeling at all, something I always look forward to.  There is just no way on earth I'd be able to pull myself up a ladder at the stern of a sailboat from out the water, so that activity is off the agenda.  I was also thinking about spending a few hours doing some sailing on an America's Cup yacht down in St. Martin, but that is too strenuous of an activity, too.  So that won't be happening either.  I'm pretty much consigned to lounging on the beach, which ain't such a bad thing in the overall vacation scheme.

I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing in St. Lucia, but on St. Kitts I'm going with Sherry and Steve to some resort for the day and hanging out at the private beach club there.  While we're in St. Martin, Reverend Dave and I are going to taxi over to the French side of the island and do some shopping, then we're going to spend some time at the beach at the end of the runway, taking our own set of ridiculous pictures of the planes arriving.

Other than that, I'm all about the relaxation and enjoying the sun and salt air.  Amy & Scottie, Tim & Cyndi, Reverend Dave, and my buddy Gaines & I have four staterooms all in a row, all with balconies.  We've found out that the dividers between each balcony can be removed, so we're going to have one big long balcony to lounge on once we get settled in on the first day (Sherry and Steve have a big corner suite on another deck, and Mamasan and her friend Mary are staying down in steerage with the goats, chickens, and Irishmen--actually, they have an oceanview stateroom, just without a balcony, that's all).

I don't have any desire whatsoever to utilize the casino on the boat or even the ones I had so much luck in on St. Martin back in 2001.  I'm just over it, although Sherry wants me to give her some craps lessons and play with her.  So I'm sure I might be found in the casino at some point, but due to current circumstances, my bankroll is extremely limited, so even if I wanted to spend my evenings onboard playing dice and blackjack, I wouldn't be able to afford to.

That's ok--I'll take in more of the shows and entertainment on the ship at night, and of course my traveling companions are all lots of fun to hang out with, and we usually make our own good times no matter what we're doing.  That being said, I'm really looking forward to hanging out with my brothers in the evening, smoking some fine Cuban cigars and watching the ocean roll by. 

Less than four weeks away...  It can't get here soon enough!


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