Saturday, October 02, 2010

Finally, I'll Be Able to Enjoy Autumn Again

Have I mentioned how happy I am to be back in Tennessee?  I think I may have said something along those lines here in the recent past...

Anyhow, it's another beautiful day here in Nashville, and although the summer was so bad that this will probably be a less-than-memorable autumn, I am totally diggin' the weather these days.  It's beautiful and sunny, warm in the afternoons, but cool and almost downright chilly at night.  Perfect weather, if you ask me.  I don't miss Vegas at all, except for the fact that Angy and the gals are out there this week, and of course I wish I could be there hanging out with them instead of sitting here in my chair taking a dozen pills a day going back and forth from the hospital every few days.

At least I'll be able to do something fun today.  Later this afternoon, the plan is to hike one of the shorter trails over at Edwin Warner park, which is just down the road from the house.  Once I get some semblance of strength back, I'll be able to tackle the longer, hillier trails at Percy Warner.  But that's a long way off still--every day I'm reminded at least a half dozen times of all the things I still can't do.  For instance, last night I tried to be helpful and backed the truck up into the driveway from off the street, and that damn near put me over the edge.  It's amazing how many little muscles you use to turn the wheel and twist around trying to back up a vehicle.  Seriously, it's still beyond my capabilities.  Further evidence that you absolutely don't want what I had. 

I think I've kind of overdone myself this week, too.  I've always struggled with being impatient, and trying to get better is really testing me.  Whenever I think I'm feeling good, I try to do normal things, and then I get the painful smackdown a few minutes later.  My long walk a few days ago felt good at the time, but it might've been a bit much.  And then on Thursday I spend about 45 minutes pushing a grocery cart around at Kroger, and man, I was absolutely DONE once I got home--that really wore my ass out. 

Last night, I went over to Cyndi & Tim's place, and just trying to carry a camp chair from the garage to the backyard, or trying to climb the stairs, took all the wind out of my sails.  I felt like crap later when I got home.  Also, a long ride in the truck doesn't help, either--my ribcage is all wired together and not completely healed yet, and any bumps while riding are very painful.  And then, like a genius, I tried to sleep on my side for about an hour last night.  BIG mistake.  It hurt to breath, walk, laugh, talk, and basically do anything this morning. 

Part of it was also the fact that I ate some stuff that I shouldn't have, and my system is hyper-sensitive to anything with extra sugar or salt in it.  And last night was a pot-luck party, so lots of people brought all kinds of tasty goodies.  Most of the stuff people brought was stuff I should've skipped, but I'll be honest and admit that I sampled a few items that I didn't need to, and it affected me almost immediately.  I spent the last hour of my visit just sitting outside by the firepit sipping on bottled water and feeling like crapola.

But I'm doing much better today.  Once I got up this morning, took my medication, got a cup of coffee and a decent breakfast in me, I felt normal again.  Well, normal for me.  Amy and Scottie took my truck to go to Costco and also shop for a desk and some PA speakers, so I'm here babysitting the puglets on my own.  Once they get back, however, we're gonna try and get some quality time in the outdoors.  Other than that, I have no plans for the rest of the day except to watch the Oregon/Stanford game.

The recovery life is pretty dull, now that I think about it.  I guess that's why I haven't posted much lately--just nothing interesting to report lately.  Maybe I'll take the camera with me when I go for my walk and take some pics to share.

Until then, I'm outtie!


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