Wednesday, September 08, 2010

To The Place, I Belong...

Hey gang--after that epic post from last night (it took me over four hours to write it!), I thought I'd just do a quick little puff piece here to show you how much better life in TN is. I spent most of the past two days at Mamasan's place up north, and as far out in the sticks as she lives, I have to admit, it's really pretty up there. Hell, just taking the back roads out running to the grocery store and filling the gas tank, I felt like I just had to turn on a country radio station, seein's how I was driving a pickup truck and all...

Instead, I just popped in a Zac Brown Band CD and listened to it as I meandered through the woods.

I managed to take a couple of nice pictures during my travels that I'll share with you here:

This is just a random creek that's about a mile away from Mamasan's house. It's pretty shallow, but it was clear and full of minnows. Below is the road that follows alongside the creek bed. It's beautiful down there, with lots of trees and undergrowth. Next time I go up there, I'll wear jeans and some hiking shoes instead of cargo shorts and sandals. There is just too much long grass and poison ivy and probably all kinds of critters lurking on the ground out there, so I didn't go exploring too deeply. But it sure is serene.

Next summer, once the truck is paid off, I'm gonna get a motorcycle again--there is just too much good riding around here to be stuck in a truck the whole time. I'd love to just take off and ride around on all the back country roads around here and hop off and take pictures whenever I see anything interesting.

I just can't believe I lived out in the ugly-assed desert for the better part of the past twenty years, and I can't believe how much I missed this place.

It definitely feels like home.


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