Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This One's for Thomas C, Josie, Jamie,

... and the rest of you re-clickers out there who still surf your way over here!

Yes, I am still alive. And yes, I actually have some time off. I worked both jobs yesterday, but got an Early Out from both of them, and I have all of today off. In fact, I don't go back to work until 8:00 Thursday night. Woot!

So I'm sitting here at the desk, enjoying a cup of coffee, even though it's 106 degrees outside, and I thought I'd post a little update. Yeah, I should be doing laundry and housework, but this is as good an excuse as any for procrastinating my chores.

A few thoughts about the work situation. As much as I thought I'd like Job #1, it kinda sucks. The money is terrible, I've worked less than half of the hours I've been scheduled, and I don't think they'll be hiring 10 dealers permanently like we'd been led to believe. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, but with each passing day, it looks like it was just blowing smoke to keep everyone around until the bitter end. Besides, they've already hired two of the Asian 'lookers'--they showed up last week in full-on official casino uniforms, while the rest of us white-shirted temps just had to sit there and toil away looking like newbies. It was kind of a rude thing to see, and several snide comments have been heard since then. As high of hopes as I may have had, well, I think the reality is not quite what I expected. I'll know more by Monday.

On the other hand, Job #2, which I had no expectations for at all, which just kinda fell into my lap and I said What the hell--I could use the money, has turned out to be an extremely positive experience. The money is good, the people I work with are great, the casino treats me well, and there's an over-all 'we've got our shiat together' vibe about the entire place. And I found out last night that there is a fair chance that they're gonna keep me around permanently. I would love that. I won't know anything about that for a few more weeks, but until then, I'm just gonna keep plugging away at it.

Anyhow... That's what's going on here. I've been working my chubby little ass off, and for the last couple of weeks, every dime I've made has gone into the bank (minus a little gas and grocery money). Speaking of groceries, late last night I went to the WalMart Supercenter and spent about $130 stocking up again. For the past three weeks I've been living on Power bars, granola, oranges, Gatorade, and Five-Hour Energy shots (the employee dining rooms at both jobs just plain SUCK, so I don't eat at work), so I felt the need to get some proper grub in the pantry and fridge. Tomorrow I may actually grill some chicken and make a salad, maybe even uncork a bottle of wine and have a proper meal.

A good chunk of that grocery money I spent last night went to entertaining the troops tonight--Yep, it's poker night at Casa de Mikey, so I bought a case of Corona, another case of 'alka-pops', chips and salsa, little smokeys, fresh sourdough loaves, and the fixin's to make hot ham-and-Swiss dip in the crock pot. To paraphrase Ron White, It's gonna be a good night, Tater!

In the meantime, I have to get this house cleaned up. The 'troops' tonight consist of two of my buddies and a couple of chicks, one of which I met a few weeks back and I kinda dig on. She's not been to the Batch Pad yet, and I must make a good impression. The toilet seat is already down, and all difficult-to-explain items have been removed from the medicine cabinet. Hell, I've even swept the cobwebs from the ceiling just in case things go really well and she spends some time looking in that direction later on, if you know what I mean...

Once I get all my chores done, I think I'm gonna get a couple of hour's worth of quality pool-time in this afternoon, too. Lord knows I ain't seen the sun since sometime in early May, and my pasty hide could use the exposure.

I'll bounce in again next week and let you know the latest. Until then, have a great rest of the week and a fun weekend!


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