Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm Gettin' Too Old For This Stuff

This is gonna be the last post for awhile--I'm looking down the barrel at five days of hell, so I won't be sitting at the keyboard again anytime soon. Job #1 actually starts tomorrow, and I'm doing doubles for four straight days.

I'm gonna be a busy dude. Tired too. But maybe I'll make a few bucks while I'm at it. It's kind of amazing--a month ago I couldn't find a damn thing to do, but now I've got all the work I can handle. Let's just hope that I can handle it.

Today, I've got nothing planned beyond preparing myself mentally and logistically for the next week. I'm doing the rest of my laundry, making sure that I have plenty of white shirts and black pants ready to go at a moments notice, and I've got all the t-shirts, socks, and underwear I'll need stacked up and waiting to be used. I bought a couple of cases of Gatorade, and all I can fit is already in the fridge, along with a big bag of oranges and a case of granola bars is sitting on the counter. I'm gonna hold off on the Five Hour Energy shots for a few days, if I can help it.

I'm gonna spend an hour or two practicing all the mixed games I'll need at Job #1, but otherwise, I think I'm ready to go. The time has come--my life of leisure has ended in a big way.

I'm glad I've had the last couple of nights off from Job #2--even though the money is great, I know that I needed the rest. I didn't take advantage of it fully, however. On Wednesday, we had poker night over here, and I've got to tell you, we had an absolute blast. It was the most fun we've ever had playing cards.

I had a few friends over, and provided a small spread of snacks--chips, dip, a crockpot full of BBQ'd Little Smokies, a humidor full of cigars, a well-stocked liquor cabinet, and a fridge full of beer and mixers. Of course we played our usual game of Chinese Poker, but since most of us had Thursday off, we got pretty hammered. We started with Pacificos, but then we moved on to margaritas, and then after that we made several pitchers of mudslides. They were a huge hit, and we stayed up till around 2:00 am drinking, smoking, playing cards, and laughing our asses off. It was a great night all-around.

Finally, after everyone left, I was in bed reading, and my phone started going off. One of my gals was texting me, asking if I was still up.


Can I come over?

Yep. (Booty call--Woot!)

Ok, lemme finish watching Poker After Dark and I'll be there in about an hour. I'll text you when I leave.


So I finished the chapter I was reading, took a quick shower, lit a candle or two, and unlocked the front door.

I laid back down in bed, and fell asleep about ten minutes later. I woke up about an hour and a half later, alone, and slightly confused. So I got up, blew out the candles, locked the door, and went back to sleep.

When I woke up several hours later, there was a message waiting for me on my phone. Sorry--I fell asleep!

No problemo--so did I.

Ah well, no biggie. So I spent the rest of the day on Thursday just kicking around the house, recovering, and doing not much of anything except clearing stuff from the DVR and reading. Amy and Scottie turned me on to the Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure Series by Dewey Lambdin, and I'm already on volume #7, A King's Commander. Of course I loved the CS Forester and Patrick O'Brien novels, but these are much more enjoyable (except for all of the pidgin French conversation in volume six--god, what a pain in the ass that was to read!). O'Brien's works are pretty highbrow, but this series is the exact opposite--lots more wenching and scheming, and a whole lot less political backstory. If you're a fan of Napoleonic-era adventure fiction, I give this stuff two thumbs up.

Anyhow, that's the story here--I've got one full day of 'freedom' ahead of me, and then I'm gonna be a slave to The Man for the next several days. So I'm gonna log off and enjoy the rest of my day.

I'll see ya sometime later next week.


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