Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Of the Same

I suppose I could paint my face blue and white and run around yelling They can't take away our FREEDOM!!!, but I don't think it would help very much. My summer of indentured servitude continues apace.

Of course, I knew what I was gettin' in to when I signed the dotted line(s).

I just got off the phone with the boss at Job #2, and apparently, they really really like the work I'm doing for them. Not enough to make me any kind of a formal offer just yet, but enough that they put me on the schedule for five days this coming week--where the rest of the temps are just getting three. Oh, and Job #1 has me down for all seven.

Remember, kids, what's the mantra of dealing poker in Vegas? That's right--feast or famine.

So today was my last day of blessed freedom for awhile. Of course I wasted it. But all is not bad as it seems. The boss at Job #1 just said to plan on coming in every day, but if I need a day off, just take it. So yeah, I'll be working that to my advantage somehow. And also, if I'm not stuck in mixed games or a big tournament at Job #1, I can always take a guilt-free Early Out. So it's not like I'll actually work 96 hours this coming week, but it'll be close.

And just what have I been doing with my sparse time off? Playing poker, of course (gotta supplement the income, I tell myself!) I've played in two of the Binion's Poker Classic events. Last week I did really well--I played nine hours and busted out eight places away from the money. Grrr... (Yep, lost with Ace-Queen again) And today (it's Thursday night as I write this), I busted out 89th out of 148 players. I was stuck in the mud all day--never got any decent cards and the tournament chip leader was directly on my left. Oh, one time I got pocket Tens and got crippled by pocket Queens when we both flopped a set. And then a few hands later I over-raised the pot pre-flop, hoping to pick up the antes and blinds with my pocket Jacks, and got one caller. Of course the flop came out Ace-King-Queen; my cunning plan failed miserably.

So I only lasted a couple hours in that one, which didn't sting nearly as much as last week when I had nothing to show for nine hours of work. I guess it's like the ladies tell me--If you can't be good, be quick!


I don't see any more tournaments in the near future for me--at least any that I'll be playing in. Oh, I'll be dealing a few, I'm sure.

I won't have a day off again, until next Wednesday, it looks like, and I'm doing doubles all weekend, so I won't be anywhere near a computer for awhile. You'll have to find your online entertainment elsewhere, I suppose. As soon as I get some free time where I'm not sleeping, I'll work on one of those epic posts that y'all love so much. I don't quite know just yet what I'll write about, but I can feel one percolating all the same.

I'm off to bed.


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