Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Not Now, I'm Busy

Hey gang--I just have a couple of minutes before I'm off to another long day of work, so I thought I'd check in. I know that folks are expecting some stories, but I just don't have the time at present. Monday and Tuesday have been long days for me, but luckily I've only got to work at one job today, then I'm off tomorrow. It's about damn time--I'm worn out.

However, I may be playing in a big tourney over at Binion's tomorrow--not sure yet, we'll know more in the morning. It depends on how I feel and if I'm willing to cough up the $150 or so to play. (I just spent a few bucks on a plane ticket yesterday, so I'm feeling kinda tight today).

Anyhow, I'll write more later, because right now I have to jump in the shower and then hit the road. I've got a long day of dealing ahead of me, but I'm looking forward to having the night off.

More soon...



Not so fast, my friends... I was just leaving the house and saw my truck 'playing on tilt' in the parking lot. Apparently I ran over something last night and I have two flat tires on one side this morning. So instead of working today, I'm waiting for the tow truck and I get to cough up a couple hundred bucks getting towed and getting the tires fixed. Great.

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