Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Am So Fried...

I'm beat.

I won't say that it was a day from hell, because it wasn't--it was actually a pretty good day. It's just that I spent it dealing Pot-Limit Omaha for nine hours straight. And now I'm spent. I just got home about a half-hour ago, hungry, but too tired to make dinner. All I've done so far is take a quick shower and check my email.

But I thought I'd pop in here and say hello before falling into bed and going into a coma for a good ten hours or so...

For those of you unfamiliar with the world of pot-limit Omaha, let's just say that it's a big ol' pain in the ass to deal. It seems overly complicated to the uninformed, but it's not, once you get used to it. But still--it's not like going on auto-pilot and dealing no-limit Hold-em all day. You actually have to work and pay attention the whole time, in addition to just running the cards out, gathering the bets, and keeping the game going. There's bit of math involved, and it never stops until the showdown.

And nine straight hours of it was more than enough for me.

Of course, volunteering to do it put me in the good graces of the bosses there at Job #1, as nobody, and I mean nobody, ever signs up to deal PLO in the morning when we all roll in--they're always asking for volunteers. The problem is, once you get in that game, you ain't gettin' out. It's like a street gang--blood in, blood out. And as overstaffed as they are, there still aren't nearly enough PLO dealers lurking around in the morning. Those that know how--they make themselves scarce--you make much better tips dealing Hold-em, and the 'get off my lawn' crowd that gravitates towards Omaha is not always the most fun to deal to (or with).

Anyhow, I paid my dues today. But old-school poker dealers all say, if you can deal PLO, you can deal anything.

So, Today I Am A Man.

But I feel like a car wreck right about now.

I'll write more tomorrow. Right now, I just wanna go to bed and spoon with my pillow.


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