Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, At Least I Won't Have to Buy a Ferrari

About that place with the casita for rent... Um, no.

It's a nice enough area, but there are some serious downers that are gonna keep me from pursuing it further.

First of all, it's over in Sunridge Heights, which is a very nice neighborhood, but it's about five miles further out into the sticks, and nowhere close to the 215. Screw that. And the traffic on Eastern is horrendous. Big strike against.

The community is one of those overplanned monstrosities with all of the busybodies telling you what you can and can't do. Today was recycling day, and everyone had three separate bins out on the curb waiting for pickup. I'm cool with recycling aluminum cans or keeping plastic separate, but Mother Gaia is gonna have to square herself with the fact that once the shiat goes into the garbage can, I'm pretty much done with it. The association rules are about ten pages long, and while it's cool to keep the neighbors from painting their house purple or having a Camaro up on blocks in the front yard, it's also pretty ridiculous--for instance--there is no parking allowed on the street at anytime, which would be fine if it were Tennessee where everyone had a huge lot and a long driveway, but this place has all of the houses stacked up like in California, and the driveways are about as big as my living room. Ain't no way four people with cars can live like that. Constantly having to move your vehicle because roommates want to come and go would be a huge pain in the ass. Besides, where are guests supposed to park?

No high-speed internet at the house. WTF? "Utilities included" apparently doesn't mean internet access. Yeah, that's pretty much a deal-breaker right there.

So I guess I'll keep searching.


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