Thursday, April 30, 2009

Must Sleep, Can't Stop Writing

Hey gang--thanks to everyone sending me birfday wishes today. I appreciate it. 42 years old... I feel like I should be more mature--it's so grown-up sounding.

Oh well...

Anyhow, I'm just popping in to say that I've got some stuff in the pipeline, and as much as I should be sleeping right now, I can't stop the muse from singing. I was going to do a quickie post this morning and then sleep all day, but once I started writing, I decided to get all clever with it and now I'm unable to stop--so I saved what I've got so far, and will continue to work on it, but I wanted to make a quick check-in update just in case I fell asleep at the keyboard and drooled into my laptop, erasing my work and electrocuting myself at the same time.

Good stuff is on the way, I promise. If not by tonight, then certainly for the weekend.

I need to sleep--big night tonight.

Mikey out.


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