Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thank You For Your Support

I feel like I'm back in the saddle--I had another profitable night at the poker table, and as a bonus, a guy who owed me $175 showed up and paid me off. That's always nice.

I absolutely *killed* the 4-8 game, walking with a $260 profit after just about four hours. I would've liked to stay later, but the people who were dumping to me were going broke, and I was pretty tired anyways, so I called it a night.

Of course, on the way out the door, I put $40 into the Megabucks machine, hoping for that magical spin that would remove me from the working class once and for all, but alas, it never came. Them two twenties would've been better spent on a couple of lappies down at the Hi-Lighter. Still, I was up almost four bills for the night, so I drove over to my favorite late-night dining spot for a little post-victory meal, but all I had was a chicken quesadilla and a Bud Lite draft. It was filling, but it fell well short of the usual out-of-the-park hits found elsewhere on their menu.

Also, my favorite kiddie machine, that ten-cent triple play thingy, was showing me no love, so another twenty is out there stimulating the economy and I have nothing to show for it. That kinda sucks, because as much as I hate video poker, I seem to have been playing a bit of it lately. My philosophy as far as video poker goes, is to deposit a twenty spot, hope for a quick two-or-three dollar hit, get my free beer, then I cash out, pocket the twenty, and tip out the bartender with the win. That's generally the only way I ever play bartop VP, (unless I'm trying to hit on some chick who is sitting next to me), and it's been a pretty good method for scoring free drinks over the years. Plus, the last three times I put a twenty in that ten-cent triple play machine, I got a four-of-a-kind on the very first spin! So yeah, this time was kind of a letdown, now that I think about it...

Anyhow, I'm not gonna let that dampen my spirits--I had a helluva night at the table. I was totally playing my A-game, just killing everyone. Whenever I got called down, I had the goods, whenever I didn't have to show, I had a stone-cold bluff or semi-bluff, and chuckled to myself as my opponents discussed what I "must" have had. I figured out that it's best to agree with them and let them think they know what I'm holding, because if they guess that it's something they can't beat, I can get them to lay down their hands. And it worked like magic last night.

It helped that I caught a few cards, too. Twice I had four-of-a-kind, which is an amazing statistical anomoly--sometimes I go weeks without quads. But both times, I didn't get nearly as much value out of them as I wanted. Oh yeah, the pots were big, but by the time we got down to the showdown, I only had one opponent each time, and both times my opponent was all-in. That makes me feel like I left a few bucks on the table, but I certainly can't complain--I was damn near unbeatable last night.

In fact, just before I called it a night, I was sitting behind a mountain of chips, and one of my 'playing acquaintances' walked in, looking for a seat. He took one look at me and said Hell no, I'm not sitting at your table tonight, you'll kill me...


I wish I would've thought about it, because I would've like to have snapped a picture of the first set of quads I got, along with the huge pot sitting there in the middle of the table--it was a thing of beauty.

Anyhow, that was pretty much my day on Tuesday. I worked on Monday night, and it was ridiculous--just a long grinding night that made me feel like I worked a lot harder than I got paid for. People were in pissy moods--there were a couple of standoffs, security had to be called in a couple of times, a couple of people got tossed out, etc. On the other hand, that guy that I beat with the nut-flush the other night was in again, talking about the hand, but being a complete dick at the table again, like he was some kind of awesome poker player. And again, he got completely outplayed at the end of the night, and it cost him several hundred dollars again. He left the room pissing and moaning and whining about how shiatty everyone else plays, but the truth is, he walked right into a trap and fell for it like a complete sucker. It was a thing of beauty and it totally made up for what was an otherwise lame night.

There's not much else to report, but I want to thank everyone who emailed and commented with their support. It's nice to know that some people 'get it' and appreciate the work I put into writing for this site. Yeah, I enjoy doing it, but I enjoy it a whole lot more when I know people are reading it and enjoying it themselves, too. I guess it means that I've arrived in the big time now that I have trolls and hatemail.

Anyhow, I'm gonna chill for a bit and catch up on a few days worth of Adam Carolla podcasts this morning. Once I get some sleep, I'll write up a couple of short-but-interesting poker stories later this afternoon.

And today, I'm officially 'on vacation', so I may go down and check out the new 'M' resort tonight because they can't call me into work...


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