Friday, April 10, 2009

'M' Is For...

Mmmm, that Chimay beer is good, but holy shiat, nine bucks a bottle?

Mean Katie is back in the saddle.

Mac-n-Cheese wasn't designed for the deep fryer, I'm guessing.

Motherf*cker! Who burned the wings?

Madre de Dios! There's a problem in the men's room!

M Resort? Funny you should ask...

Maybe they should hold onto the joint this time around, instead of selling it to Harrah's.

Missed the flop. Again.

Makin' a comeback!

Man, what a dumbass, raising me all the way with nothing but low pair. Thank you, though.

Maybe you should just stick to the slot machines, Sideburns.

Man-made boobies are even more of a distraction than God's own handiwork.

Mikey draws low card, no seat at this time.

My $180 profit is probably good enough to call it a night.

Must I wait 20 minutes for a bowl of soup?

May I continue tomorrow with the whole story + details? I have to go to sleep--working day shift in a few hours.


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