Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Settling Back Into My Routine

It's good to be home. Well, home for the next three weeks or so...

Anyhow, we said goodbye to Caesars Palace this morning--which, by the way, is probably one of the most pretentious places I've ever visited--and I dropped Cyndi off at the airport before coming back to the homestead and catching up on some much-needed sleep.

We had a wonderful visit and did some amazing things. The highlights:

Women's Roller Derby. Oh holy shiat--words cannot describe the spectacle we witnessed. I went with an open mind, but not expecting much. But I was blown away at how entertaining it was. First of all, the people-watching was better than you can possibly imagine. But the event itself--better than a hockey game! Those girls are tough, and aside from a few tube-sock lesbians, most of them were pretty hot, too. Lots of pin-up gals with arm tats in attendance. There were a lot of laughs, but there was a lot of great action, too. I honestly had a blast and can't wait to do it again. We loved it! I am now a fan of the Sin City Roller Girls, and especially #25, 'Maybelline'. Wow--smokin' hot and I do believe she could whoop my ass without even breaking a sweat.

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion. The only reason we went there was because I had a $50 gift card that I've been carrying around for months. Big mistake on waiting so long--we were blown away at how good the food was. And the service--probably the most knowledgeable wait staff I've ever encountered. We went with his recommendation and ordered an off-the-menu Kobe Roll for an appetizer. I swear it was one of the best things I've ever eaten. It was a sushi-style 8-piece roll that was made out of tempura shrimp which was covered in lobster salad, then wrapped in seaweed and rice, topped with a thin layer of Kobe steak, seared medium-rare, and then covered in sprouts and sesame seeds. The whole thing was served with a layer of two sauces, stone-ground mustard and smokey BBQ sauce. Then dipping the whole thing in soy-wasabe-pickled ginger was just heavenly. I know, it may sound weird, but I swear, if I ever end up on death row, that'll be my final meal before my appointment with Ol' Sparky. It must be tried to be fully appreciated.

Following up the appetizer would be a tough gig, but for dinner, I had Prosciutto seared scallops with tiger shrimp and a 'Risotto Ala Caprese with Truffled Buerre Blanc'. The waiter recommended a wonderful glass of Pinot Blanc that complemented the meal perfectly, and later 'mistakenly' poured a second glass that he either had to dump down the sink or find somebody willing to drink it...

I honestly don't remember what Cyndi had, some sort of boneless short-rib dish (I think it was the special that night), but it was very tasty, also. For dessert, we split a pineapple upside-down cake with coconut ice cream and had some Kona coffee. It was an amazing meal that we both raved about, and having come there straight from the roller derby, I think the contrast made the meal even better--kinda like eating pork rinds during intermission at the symphony.

Mystere at Treasure Island. I'm probably the last person on earth to see this most-popular of all Cirque shows, but again, all I can say is 'Wow!'. We got some last-minute tickets on Tuesday afternoon, and ended up sitting on the fifth row, almost dead center. I can't imagine having a bad seat anywhere in that theatre, but being up close was great--we still were able to see all the stuff going on all over the place, yet close enough to see the performers faces. My favorite part had to be the guy flying around with the silver cube, or the six-way trapeze artists. But the whole show was just mind-blowingly enjoyable--well worth the $126 price tag per ticket.

We did a few other fun things--spent Sunday at the pool, where I got burnt to a crisp, had dinner at Grimaldis' (Cyndi had never been), drinks at Kahunaville (I'm more about the 'rum' part than the 'runner' part!), late-night dinner at the Peppermill, snacks at Payard, spent almost an entire day gambling at the M, (Red Cup Cafe, you're dead to me now), and did a lot of just plain goofing off. Of course, she had seminars to go to and I had to work a couple of shifts, but we squeezed a whole helluva lot of fun into four days.

Anyhow, I'm back home again, ready to get back to normal. When I arrived back at the house this morning, there was a package waiting for me on the porch from the UPS man--Lisa Lisa The One I Adore sent me some goodies from my Amazon wish list--the '21' dvd, and a couple of Anthony Bourdain books. Thank you, sweetie!

I hauled my luggage upstairs and went back to bed, glad to be able to catch up on all the sleep I missed these past few days. But now, I'm ready to get back into my normal groove. I'm gonna shower, shave, and get dressed, then find some dinner somewhere, and my plan is to go play some cards for the rest of the evening.

Catch ya tomorrow!


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