Thursday, April 09, 2009

Using The Whole Fist, Doc?

I'm a little sore this morning... I got absolutely HAMMERED at the poker table last night. I must've gotten rivered two dozen times, and in six hours of play, I didn't get five pocket pairs. It was a bloodbath. Actually, most of it happened in the last hour--I played 4-8 for a good five hours, and at the end, when the game broke, I was up exactly ten bucks.

I was just grinding it out all night long and at one point, I lost $80 in two hands--both times I had the nuts on the turn, only for my opponent to catch a two- or three-outer miracle card on the river.

It was just sick. And there was one guy at the table, one of the worst I've ever seen, who literally played every flop all night long, and caught every card in the deck. It was the most awesome display of luck I'd ever witnessed. And as bad as my cards were running, I considered myself fortunate to be up ten bucks after five hours.

But the game broke, so I found myself at the 1-2 no limit game trying to make my night. I thought it would be easy pickin's, but again, my trips gave somebody else a straight, my two-pair gave somebody else a set on the river, etc etc etc. My last hand of the night, I was short-stacked and all in pre-flop with Queen-Ten of Spades on the button, flopped King-Jack of Spades, had a huge six-way pot going, and it got down to just me and one of my friends at the river. I had 17 outs to win a nice pot and get back into the game--Any Ace or Nine gave me a straight. The Ace of spades would give me a Royal, the Nine of spades would give me a straight flush, and any spade at all would've given me a Flush.

Did I catch the card I needed? Hell no. Everyone else caught whatever they needed against me all night long, and I ended up dumping $320 into the game before calling it a night.

On the other hand, it was a $320 very well spent. I usually crush the people that were in the game, but since I got run over, they all thought they outplayed me and kept saying stuff like "come on, just another hundred..." and "Seat's still open!" and the like--So they'll gladly play with me again, and of course, I will likely take all their money. The perception was that I was playing badly because I lost so much so fast, so I'll gladly let them think that I was dumping it off like a donkey (besides, the game was very loud and fun, a lot like a home game, so that just added to the vibe). Also, I lost most of my money to two of my good friends, a couple of gals I play with on occasion, who both admitted that they got extremely lucky to beat me. No problemo there--if I had to lose, I'm glad it was to them--and we all got up and left at the same time.

So as badly as it sucked--it was just not my night, and everybody has nights like that--it wasn't too bad. I've got a whole table full of people who think I'm an easy mark, and I'll use that to my advantage at some point. The game will still be there tomorrow, and my bankroll is still intact (a less disciplined Mikey would've re-bought a couple more times, probably dumping $500 or more down the hole on a night where the law of averages was not on my side).

Oh, and I never made it to the 'M' last night, either--my buddy couldn't make it, and I didn't want to fly solo, so I'll save it for another time.

Anyhow, my winning streak took a hit, but then again, even in a bull market there are days when the sellers outnumber the buyers. I'll be fine--my confidence has not been shaken. I'll probably find a game somewhere tonight and just destroy it. We'll see.


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