Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Brief Detour In A Busy Day

Hey gang!

I'm just getting home after a very long, but very fun, night, and I've got about an hour before I have to head out again.

First of all, that new place I was gonna move into with my buddy--well, that deal fell through. His current roommate decided not to leave, and since he's been making a small fortune with his side gig handicapping Nascar races, he doesn't need an extra roommate to cover the rental costs at the house. No biggie--as much as I like Silverado Ranch, traffic over there is a pain in the ass, and oh yeah, Kimmie would be my neighbor. We'll call this a blessing in disguise.

So I've got to go meet somebody else in a little while--I've got a lead on a great place up on the hill, renting out a guest house/casita. Yeah, it's a bit further from work, but it's in a nice place and I'll actually end up paying less per month than I am right now. Can't beat that. I hope it works out, so wish me luck on this one.

Also, as bad and slow as work was overnight on Sunday, last night it was crazy-busy and I ended up doing the 'hard eight', and I was locked down for the last six hours straight. The money was great, but damn, I earned every penny. The highlight of the night was that one of the hotties that rivered me for about $150 in the no-limit game the other night came by to see me, and she ended up staying and playing all night. After I got out of work, we hung out for a bit and had a drink, and then went to breakfast together. Good times!

As I was driving her back to her car a little while ago, she hit me with the following line:

It's just not fair that you're old enough to be my Dad!

Yep, she was born the year I graduated from High School. Talk about makin' me feel like a dirty old man... But, I guess she's willing to give me a pass--we're going out again tonight since we both have the night off.

Anyhow, that's the news from here. Once I get back from looking at this new place (I hope it works out--I'll have that whole Magnum PI thing going for me if it does), I'm gonna watch the latest episode of 24, listen to the Carolla podcast, write another post, and then try to get some sleep before tonight's adventures.


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