Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spooning Leads To...

Well, you know what it leads to ~~~~~~~>

So, here it is, three o'clock in the morning, and I'm not quite ready to go to sleep just yet. I just got home from another successful night playing poker, and as I'm now starting to hear from all of my degenerate friends out here, if this keeps up, I won't really need to find a new job anytime soon.

Yep, I'm still streaking--the good way, not what you freaks are thinking.

Anyhow lemme tell ya how my night went. First of all, Wednesday night was poker night here at Casa de Mikey. AC was stuck dealing a huge free-roll at his second gig, so he had to bail on us. James and Holly made it over, and I called my buddy Dave to come over and be our fourth. He was doing nothing but dozing on the couch watching the Yankee/Tiger game while his wife was out with her friends having a girls night out--so he had a free pass for the evening.

We had a bunch of beer in the fridge, a crockpot full of nacho cheese dip, and a few other assorted goodies to munch on, and I think we kicked off the game around 8:00 pm. I started out in the hole, couldn't get any good cards, but I clawed my way back to respectability.

At some point we took a break and we made a few pitchers full of pina coladas--no mix here; I used the good stuff--Coco Lopez coconut milk, pineapple juice, and premium rum from my personal stash. Oh hell yeah they were good! And it was a perfect night to hang out on the patio and enjoy them. They were so good that we made a few pitchers back-to-back-to-back, but eventually we got back to the game.

I never made any ridiculously good hands, but I made a good comeback. We actually called it an early night this time because two of our group had to get up early for work today. When all was said and done, James lost ten bucks, Holly lost about $35, I won $23, and Dave won $22.

We cleaned up the kitchen after the game broke up, and then everyone headed for home. It was only like 11:00 pm by then, and I wasn't quite ready to call it a night. So I called down to Sunset Station to see if they had a game, and they did. So I loaded up my pockets with my usual poker night gear--Altoids, keys, chip protector, iPod, wallet, zippo lighter, and a few singles for the cocktail waitress--and headed on down to the casino.

There was only one game going when I got there, and it was nine-handed. Just a few minutes later, two guys went broke and left, and the guy with the biggest stack at the table started to rack up. I thought the game was going to break and I'd be stuck $3 for the blinds I'd paid. But no, the rest of the players stuck around for a bit.

I was up and down for awhile, and even re-bought an extra $30 worth of chips at one point--I just couldn't make a hand stand up. And it sucked because that 'Edgar Winter' guy--the absolute worst limit player in the entire 702--was in the game just donkeying off chips right and left. I could never catch a hand. Eventually, I popped him with a big hand--the details escape me right now--but it was enough to bring me back to even and put me ahead about twenty bucks or so. At that point, I could relax. Before that, I was pressing, hoping to make a hand before the guy went broke. Well, once I got him, he took off for good...

AC showed up a little while later, just getting out of his full day of dealing at his second job. He jumped in the seat next to me, and then one of the graveyard dealers clocked out and got in the game, too. So it was a fun crowd.

I was just floating along, content to hang out and be social, but eventually a caught some big cards in the pocket--two black Kings--while I was on the small blind. So I raised it up to $6 and got four callers.

Well, guess what came out on the flop--yep--you guessed it, the other two red Kings! Oh hell yeah! I was afraid I wouldn't get any action after that, so I checked, as did the next two guys, but AC was on the button and bet. I called, they folded, and I nudged AC under the table and told him not to bet. So we checked it down and I turned over my flopped quads.

And oh-by-the way, right now, if you flop quads in that room, you get a hundred dollar jackpot bonus. Woot! So I took down the $32 pot and then collected another hundie from the the floorman.

After that, the game got really short and we played four-handed for about another hour. Not counting the hundred that I put in my wallet for the four Kings, I made thirty bucks in the game. Not too shabby for a crummy little limit game, but I'll take the extra $130 for my efforts. Add that to the $23 from Chinese poker, plus the $210 in the tournament, and the $193 I won last night, and yeah, I'm having a pretty good run these last two days. (And oh by the way, I stopped taking the pain meds, too, so I'm not groggy either). I hope I can keep it up.

But I don't know if I'll be playing tomorrow night--Cyndi and I have plans to get dinner and do something, and then on Friday night I've got a temporary gig dealing a charity tournament up in Summerlin for a few hours.

Anyhow, that's the news from here, so I think I'm gonna wrap it up and try to get a few hours of sleep. At some point today I've got to go out and buy a black bow-tie for Friday night. I haven't worn one of those since my days at the Golden Gate, and I can't seem to find my old one. Honestly, I think it's in the back seat of the Ghetto Sled, crushed into a little cube, stacked in a junkyard up in North Vegas. I'd go get it, but I can't find my crowbar, neither...


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