Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Chinese Food

...and only an hour of Deadliest Catch, too. Yeah, that's how tired I was last night--too tired to eat, too lazy to even call for a delivery. After that last post, I made it another hour before giving up and heading to bed early.

And my paranoia set in, too. As tired as I was, and not having had to wake up early in the morning for more than five years, I just knew I'd sleep through my alarm and fark up my first day at the new job. So I figured out how to set the alarm on the new phone, and also the clock radio (which I'd never used). I set 'em both for 7:00 am this morning, and went to bed by ten o'clock last night. And wouldn't you know it--I was wide awake by six. Don't need any Five Hour Energy today; I made a pot of coffee and I'm having a couple of granola bars for breakfast, instead.

There was chatter of a game of Chinese poker tonight here at the Batch Pad, but Holly has to work late, as does AC, and now that I've lost everyone's phone numbers anyways, well, I'm not gonna follow up and try to make it happen. Besides, once I finish all the paperwork and such down at the casino, I may skip on over to the Orleans and play some cards to fill the rest of my day.

That's about all for now--I've got about 20 more minutes before my alarms start going off, and then I've got to get ready for my day. One good thing about going in this early--no traffic on the Strip.


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