Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Laziness Disguised as Frugality

Happy Hump Day to all! (And happy Cinco de Mayo, too!)

Well, here I was thinking that I'd be able to catch up on my sleep and get back onto a somewhat 'normal' schedule again, but it just ain't happening. As tired as I am at night, I'm still wide awake after midnight almost every night. Eventually I fall asleep, but without fail, my phone rings by 7:00 am. Lately, it's been Amy, who I've told that she no longer needs an exclusive ringtone--I know that it's her because she's the only one who consistently calls me before 8:00 am...

This morning she needed my info in case anything happens to her and Scottie--I'm the contingent beneficiary, which means that I'm also godfather to the puglets, Bertha and Lord Vader. Apparently, she got her formal offer for her new job last night and starts on Monday, so she was getting a head start on all of her paperwork, which now involves me. So I'm awake now thanks to my ringing phone and I've got a pot of coffee going. Might as well get started on the day.

Problem is, I don't have much planned.

I've already hit the job search pretty hard the past couple of days--I think I've put in six online applications for casino jobs here in town since I got back. I'm still waiting to hear from the folks I interviewed with while I was in Tennessee, but that was over two weeks ago, and I become less interested in that position with every passing day, even though the recruiter told me that she'd get back to me sometime this week. We'll see.

I probably should go to the grocery store today and stock up. Once I knew I was heading out of town a couple of weeks ago, I let my fridge get empty, and I haven't gone shopping since I got back. I'm out of milk, bread, eggs, fresh meat, fruit, and veggies, nor do I have any Coke, peanut butter, tortillas, salsa, or even chips. Since I've been home, I've lived on coffee, Crystal Light, granola bars, and canned soup. I tell myself that I'm being frugal, but the truth is, I've just been too lazy to go to the store.

But while I was gone, my new debit card came in the mail, so I have to go down to a Chase ATM and activate it, so while I'm doing that, I'll probably get some groceries. I also have to mail some bills and wash all the bird shiat off my truck, too (that's what happens when you leave it parked under a tree for two weeks).

Originally, we'd planned on having another poker night here at the house last night, but everyone had to work--that Bad Beat Jackpot is down to four Sixes getting beat and the prize pool has about $270,000 in it, so everyone I know who works for Stations has been getting called in for crowd control in the various poker rooms around town. I actually went out and played some on Sunday night (one of my gals called at 10:30 wondering where I was), but it was a non-profit grind. So, we had no poker game last night, and I wasn't feeling like going out to play either, so I just stayed home and puttered around the house.

I may go out and play later tonight, but first, I'm meeting up with Linda Lou for dinner at Grimaldi's. She's heading out of town in less than two weeks, so who knows when I'll see her again. And if I go another month without finding a job, I may be on the road myself--if the money runs out and I'm still funemployed, then I'll probably head back to Tennessee. But that's something to think about later on. Right now, I'm planning on staying in Vegas.


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