Friday, May 28, 2010

No More Vacation

And so it ends... My temporary life of leisure has run its course, and it's back to the grind for your pal Mikey. Just as the rest of the world kicks off its 3-day weekend, I go back to work almost two months to the day after being unceremoniously booted from that dump out on East Sunset.

Yes, I'm working tonight, and the rest of the weekend, too. And while I'm glad to be going back, I could've used a couple more days of being a bum. First of all, just want to make sure I'm not sick anymore (I feel ok, but then again, I have the psychological advantage of knowing I'm close to the bathroom if I have a relapse. But once I get locked down at the poker table tonight, well, I just have to suck it up and endure). Second of all, my friend Lisa Lisa the One I Adore is in town for the weekend, and of course we made plans to hang out, but now The Man is keeping me down. No fun for me these next few days.

Also--you all will be happy to know that I made it official and signed another year-long lease for the Batch Pad this morning, so yes, I am staying in Vegas, come hell or high-water. I stopped pursuing other jobs in other states, and as much as the family wanted me to move back to Nashville, I decided to stay out here. Don't get me wrong, every visit to Tennessee is like chicken fried steak for my soul, but I feel like I still belong out here. Who knows, if it all goes to shiat and I can't find a full-time gig once the circus leaves town, I could still go--Nashville is an escape hatch if things don't work out. But I've got a feeling that they will.

Besides, all of my friends keep telling me that Sunset did me a huge favor by culling me from their herd. That poker room is dying anyways--it can't compete with the other, better, games in town, and it's just not a good place to be. I went in last night to see a friend of mine, and they only had one shiatty short-handed 4-8 game with no action in it. I didn't even play. Besides, both of my new jobs are in much better, and busier places, and I have a *really* good shot at getting on full-time, with full benefits and such, at Job #1 at the end of next month. I could've stayed at Bankrupt Station for five more years and never gotten off of the Extra-Board. It's amazing how things turn out...

Anyhow, I just took a Five Hour Energy shot and I'm about to jump in the shower before heading down to the Strip for my first night back in the real world.

Full reportage tomorrow...


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