Friday, December 04, 2009

A Little Update Follow-Up

Ok, here we go:

Dave P--Keep your shirt on.

Tara and Josie--We'll talk, soon...

Kellee--I'm not a big fan of the wings at Villa Pizza. They're small and they seem kinda dry to me. Napoli on Warm Springs has the best delivery wings (I think they have another restaurant out on W. Sahara, too). They're huge, juicy, and they don't skimp on the sauces. Manhattan Pizza in Whitney Ranch has good wings, but their pizza sucks like crap on a stick. And believe it or not, I'm not a big fan of Buffalo Wild Wings, either. And since I know people are wondering, no, there are no wings on the menu at Grimaldi's. I'm contemplatinggetting a countertop deep-fryer and just making my own whenever the urge strikes.

RVP--Yes, I'm fully aware of all three of those outlets that you mentioned. Remember, I was coming to Vegas for a long long time before I ever lived here, and was also an admin and moderator over on Sonya's T2V site for a few years. Plus I hear about all kinds of locals-only deals fairly frequently, too. So I know where to find the bargains if I get the itch.

Rob-- Yep, it's mega-slow all over. Strip, Downtown, Off-Strip... This town feels like Detroit minus all the burned out buildings. All of my friends are crying poor right now. On the other hand, I'm really looking forward to the Rose Bowl this year, too. I just hope Oregon wears those flat-black non-reflective Mad Max helmets that they used against WSU. They might have the ugliest uniforms in all of Division I, but those black helmets look bad-ass.

All You Mayo Snobs--Miracle Whip kicks ass. All other opinions are invalid. The science is settled. Google it!

Everyone Else--I'll leave it to Kellee to give the opening night reviews of Aria. I'll get down there at some point, but it'll be after the dust settles a bit.


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