Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Can't Take It No More!

Global Warming?

Can I have some, please? I'm sorry, but from where my freezing ass is sitting, that whole global-warming thing seems like a whole bunch of made-up nonsense that only appeals to oddballs and freaks, like Star Trek or Mormonism. I know, it's much worse for you folks up north, but we haven't seen the far side of fifty degrees in for-f*cking-ever out here in the Mojave desert, which is allegedly the hottest place on the entire continent.

So not only have I turned on the heat for the first time in five years (it's been on for a few weeks now), but I put a sleeping bag and a fleece blanket on the bed, in addition to the flannel sheets. It's been so chilly for so long out here that I also broke down and bought a fleece-lined beanie hat. And I made sure to get one with a Rams logo on it, because nobody would steal that.

I'm ready for spring, if you couldn't tell. Of course, soon enough I'll be bitching about the heat of summer, but at least this year I have a pool--I won't need to sneak into the one at the Paris to cool off.

Anyhow, enough about that. I've been super-lazy as far as writing goes, but I've had a couple of good excuses. One, I've been working a lot. Two, everyone else is still on vacation. I'm cool with the fact that most people read this site while at the office, and this week, my traffic is down by half due to the holidays. No biggie. Since most of my audience is missing in action, I haven't felt the pressure to come up with anything interesting to write about.

Besides that, I just haven't had much of anything interesting to say. But then again, I haven't done anything interesting, either, unless you think going to the bank and the AT&T store are "interesting" (Yep, I now have full-on internet access on my phone. Welcome to the 21st century!).

As far as doing anything interesting goes, I've got New Year's Eve off for the first time in five years, and I have no idea what I'm gonna do. I ran into one of my gals last night, and she was droppin' hints, saying she had no plans for the night, but honestly, I don't know if I want to go that route. Oh, she's nice and fun and easy on the eyes, and the chances of getting some good lovin' are about 110%--BUT, I don't want to get dressed up, try to get a dinner reservation, and spend the money on somebody who I like to hang out with, but that I'm just not that much into.

I dunno, a few years ago, I would've been all over it like a Mississippi leg hound, but I'm just not feeling it. Part of it is because I have to work at 7:00 am on New Years Day, and part of it is that lately I have become somewhat a spendthrift. For awhile now, I've been putting every single extra dime away, and watching it grow has become almost an obsession. And I know that going out on NYE would cost me a couple hundred bucks, minimum. If she was an actual 'girlfriend', I'd have no problem coughing up the money and time, but she's more of a casual aquaintance, so I honestly don't have much of an attention span when it comes to hanging out with her. It's also much easier to take a pass this year since I've missed out on the celebrating for the past four years, too, so it's not like I miss it that much. I dunno, we'll see how I feel tomorrow, but I'm guessing that my New Years Eve will consist of an early game of poker and then coming home and watching the ball drop on TV.

I know--lame huh?

Or... I could work on one of my jigsaw puzzles. I got two big ones as gifts this year, but I told myself that I'm not going to do those until I finish the 'Tahiti' one I started a couple of years ago. I had the entire outside frame done and most of the sailboat put together when I moved out of the Man-Cave I was sharing with Falcon Rob. Then the puzzle sat in the box out in the garage for a year because I didn't have anyplace to set up my work table at my new place. Now that I'm here in my own apartment, I can use my dining room table, so I unpacked the thing the other night and got re-started.

It wasn't like starting from scratch. When I packed the thing up a year and a half ago, I separated the main component pieces into individual ziplock bags. So all the edge pieces and the sailboat were in their own bags, as was the big palm tree.

I worked on it for about three hours, and I've found it's a great way to spend a cold afternoon while one of the Irrelevant Bowls drones on the TV in the background.

I'll probably work on it some more this evening, and my guess is that I'll probably spend my New Years Eve doing the same thing, maybe with a cocktail in my hand. I don't mind. I won't be spending money or having to dodge drunk drivers or cops, so I'm cool with a quiet evening at home.

In the meantime, I'm gonna put on some wool socks, make a pot of hot coffee, and try to keep my fuzzy ass warm, 'cause baby, it's cold outside!


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