Monday, December 15, 2008

Two Subjects I'm Somewhat Familiar With

Woo Hoo! It appears that the brown-suited Santa Claus paid me another visit late this afternoon while I was making that last post. I guess I've learned to tune out the dogs going apeshit downstairs, but the UPS man stealthily dropped off another box on my front porch. He never rings the doorbell, because 1) He can hear the dogs going crazy when he walks up, so really, there's no need, and 2) My roomate hung a sign in the little side window next to the front door asking people not to ring or knock because there is a day sleeper inside. So unlike the familiar relationship I had with the UPS man over at the apartment, I've never met this guy (hell, it's probably the same guy--my house is just down the road from the old apartment).

Anyhow, when I went down to take my new soft and comfy sheets out of the dryer, I noticed a box sitting there, so I brought it upstairs. Reader Dave P, one of my favorite dining companions, had sent a couple of nifty items from my Wish List for Christmas. (Thanks, bro!)

Inside the box were two books, one called The Rum 1000, which is a collection of rum facts, cocktails, recipes, and resources. Just thumbing through, there are seven frickin' hundred cocktail recipes to try--I guess I better get started on 'em. The other book is called Everybody Loves Pizza, which calls itself 'The deep dish on America's favorite food'. So far, so good--I've spent some quality time with it in the tiled library already, and it's quite interesting.

Of course the note in the box gave me a chuckle, too. Dave said to let you all know as soon as I learn something new about rum or pizza, and of course I will, but just like anything else, it's not all about the destination, it's the journey that counts. Perhaps I should apply for a research grant or something, because my thirst for rum knowledge cannot be quenched.

But all silliness aside, I *love* books, and love to read, so it was a very thoughtful gift. And all these new books I've picked up in the past six months or so are starting to stack up and cast a large shadow. Maybe it's time to put that other bookshelf together.

Did you know that 'Procrastination' is my middle name? I guess I'd rather read than assemble furniture.


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