Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Train that Runs Every Seven Minutes

Ok, that Ozzy Osbourne World of Warcraft commercial drives me nuts. Why? Well, first of all, I'm of the belief that WoW players are, as a group, not much more than a huge group of basement-dwelling dorks. Ok, lemme amend that. None of my readers who play. Y'all are all well-adjusted and socially adept. It's them other people...

But it's the intro to the song Crazy Train, where he yells All ABOARD!!! that makes me do a double take every time I hear it. Why is that? Because Crazy Train is Mamasan's ringtone on my phone! So every seven minutes or so when that commercial runs on ESPN (which is always the background noise in my bedroom), it makes me jump and look at my cellphone. It doesn't help that the commercials are so much louder than the regular programming on the TV, so whenever I hear it, I can't help but think for a split-second that my phone is ringing.

I guess it could be worse--I mean, I'm very much ok with my mom not calling thirty or forty times a day, and if there were a commercial that got that much airplay that featured something like She's A Lady (Beth's ringtone), Hopelessly in Love (Kimmy's ringtone), Push It (Andrea's ringtone), or Mrs. Robinson (Angy's ringtone), then I'd probably just be disappointed all the time.

Oh well, I guess I could just change the channel and keep something like HGTV running in the background. But if I did that, I'd miss out on all the rest of ESPN's ear candy like Lou Holtz, Stephen A. Smith, or Stuart Scott.


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