Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby, It's STILL Cold Outside

Holy fark, it's chilly here in Vegas this week. We could really use some of that global warming they've been talking about.

I'm just kickin' it around the house this morning, working on little household chores, and I went downstairs to put in a load of towels and to fetch my mail from the entryway table. I also remembered that I wanted to dig out some of my booze from the garage stash. So I opened the garage door for some extra light and holy crap it was cold outside. Of course, I'm just wearing some gym shorts and an old t-shirt--no shoes or anything, so the concrete was extra chilly, but I had to move some boxes around to get to the good stuff, but I found the peppermint schnapps and a half-full bottle of Kahlua. The Kahlua is a huge economy-sized bottle, so it'll last awhile, but the schnapps bottle is only about a quarter full, so it's time to go buy another one. I'm also running low on Bailey's, but I'm gonna wait until I get that $25 gift card from work to buy that (it's a tradition!).

I've also got to go find my jeans, all of which are stored in some unlabeled Rubbermaid tote, and the garage is full of them, kind of like a smaller version of the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Right now, all I have are shorts, black polyester work pants, and a couple of pairs of Dockers in my closet--I haven't worn jeans in, well, at least six months, and it's time to start--it's just too damn cold for shorts.

Also, when I went downstairs, I saw that the dogs have somehow multiplied. There are now four golden retrievers sleeping in the living room. I guess my roommate is babysitting another one, and he's even cuter than the ones we've got now--his coat is much more pale, almost white, and he's got a permanent 'Duh!' look on his face.

Once I finish this post, I'm gonna head out and run some errands. I've got to go to the bank, the liquor store, and then I'm gonna go to Target and buy some flannel sheets. These regular ones just ain't cuttin' it now that the weather has turned colder.

Y'all have a good one.


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