Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Mah Picks--Let Me Show You Them

It's that time of year, kiddies!  Yep, football season is upon us once again, and I am very excited to get this party started. Knowing that I won't have to deal that miserable free-roll up at Texas Station during the playoffs will make it extra-sweet this time around, too.

Of course, not having a live sports book window less than fifty yards away from my workspace is an adjustment, so of course I'll probably hit about 75% of my picks this year.  Regardless, I'll still post up my picks every week--usually I'll do it on Fridays, but since Week 1 is pretty much a toss-up anyways, why not do it now?

I'll choose five games every week--against the spread of course--and y'all can feel free to heckle me in the comments section and tell me what a buffoon I am before the games are played.  Afterwards, well, it's just not sporting... 

Here we go: (Home team in CAPS)

Pittsburgh  +2  over  BALTIMORE

ST. LOUIS  +5  over  Philadelphia

ARIZONA  -7  over  Carolina

SAN FRANCISCO  -5.5  over  Seattle

Detroit  +1.5  over  TAMPA BAY

Hmmm... Looking at these picks in the stark light of day, with no other lines or commentary surrounding them, I like the fact that I chose two road dogs.  Usually I'm on the side of the chumps taking a bunch of home favorites.

We'll see how this goes.


PS.  I'm still working on the layout and design here, so ignore the funky colors on the text and links.


Josie said...

I like the picks EXCEPT I went with Philly, not St, Louis.

Welcome back Baby!!!

Hurricane Mikey said...

I like the St. Louis pick--not trusting the Philly dream-team concept just yet.

But I just realized that I picked 3 teams in the NFC west to cover. That doesn't sound like a recipe for success...

Lucki Duck said...

St. Louis?


It's good to be wandering around in the mind of Mikey. My, there's a lotta room in here :)

Welcome back sir!

SirFWALGMan said...

I hate your picks which means you will probably go 100%. I like Philly over St. Louis. Not willing to anoint them the Dream Team either but St. Louis?

I also actually don't like your Detroit pick either.. but I get why you made it. I dunno. Every year it seems like everyone gets high on Detroit then the suck really bad. I am going with the trend.

Fuck man it's great that Football is back!

J said...

Good to have ya back sir!

T-Rev said...

Heh. Just happened to randomly hit this bookmark, and lo and behold, yous aback Boss.

Glad to see...and yes, looking at these picks you did pretty good, yes, you hit the SF v. Sea, hell, I probably would have went the same, but St. Lou? Seriously?

Anyways, good to have you back my Brother. See ya...