Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back to My Cell

My five days of goofing off are over.  I'm on my way back to the office this morning, and of course, I ain't happy about it.  I had an excellent weekend in St. Louis, and I'll share pictures and stories later this evening.  I was hoping to do so last night, but yesterday as I was setting up different doctor's appointments, I had a chance to get a late walk-in appointment with the eye doctor (I broke those glasses I got back in the day when Rob and I lived in the Man Cave in Henderson), so I headed down to get that done.  While there, I had to get my eyes dilated, so I was walking around like Stevie Wonder after that, making it was impossible for me to sit at the computer--it hurt my eyes too much.

As much as the computer bothered my eyes, the TV didn't, so I hung out watching ESPN all night--loved that 'Catching Hell' documentary, and then I followed it up with the WSOP coverage. And after all that, I had to stay up and watch the score crawl to find out that the Cardinals won, giving them more of a shot at the wild card.  So that's what I was doing last night instead of sitting at the keyboard.  Even this morning, my eyes are still a bit sensitive, so hanging out in my cube and using the computer all day at work is gonna be fun.

Also, it looks like I went 3-for-5 on my NFL picks this Sunday, so my winning record continues.  On the other hand, I witnessed the Rams beating up-close and personal (my seat was ten rows off the field), which sucked, although it was still a lot of fun to go to the game.  By the way, I know that anecdotal evidence is not data, but it seems that Ravens fans aren't the most attractive group of people in the world--except for my gal Carmen, she's a hottie--but overall, everyone sitting in the stands that had a purple jersey on seemed like they came from the Island of Misfit Toys.  But the Rams fans in St. Louis, well, of course that was a good-looking crowd!

But we'll talk more about my weekend later this evening.  Right now, I have to shower, shave, put some shoes on, and try and go make a little bit of money. 

More stuff here tomorrow...



Josie said...

The Red Sox also still have a shot at the Wild Card!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, the cube farm... ((shudder))

Josie said...

May I retract my last statement? :(