Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bullet Point Monday

What a weekend!

Now that it's finally over, I was hoping to have some sort of epic post up for everyone to digest over that first cup of coffee when they stumble into the office and delay doing any of that actual 'work' stuff.  But alas, my brain is a little fried, my thoughts disorganized, and if I tried to write anything cohesive, it wouldn't flow.

Sometimes you can just tell. 

Instead, I'll take the easy way out and just toss up a bunch of random thoughts, and call it good.  No rhyme, no reason, all nonsense.

  • I skipped the opening Sunday NFL get-together with the family yesterday.  I'd been looking forward to it for a week or so, but I just didn't feel up to it.  I couldn't put my finger on it, but I kinda wanted to keep a low profile for the day, in addition to feeling 'blah'.
  • The reason for the low profile was that in addition to being September 11th, it was also the one year anniversary of my very worst day.  Y'all all know that story, and I didn't want to dwell to much on it besides just saying it was on my mind a little bit.  Hell, it's on my mind almost every day, but y'all know what I mean.  I was content to just be 'normal' for the day and enjoy and endless feast of NFL action on the tube. 
  • Enough about that.  It was a weekend for football action once again!  Or as I like to say, Christmas be damned, *this* is the most wonderful time of the year!  (You know I don't mean it--I'm a sucker for the holidays)
  • So I whiffed on my first two picks.  But going three-for-five every week would be a good living for a professional wise-guy.  As much as I want to believe all the hype about the Rams being the next team to make The Leap, it appears they've still got a little marinading to do.  And oh dear god did the Steelers look awful. 
  • The Saints/Packers game was the most entertaining game I've seen in a very long time--maybe since that Super Bowl with the Steelers and Cardinals.  Good lord the Pack looks (look?) awesome.
  • A few thoughts about the weekend in college.  Would've peed myself laughing if Toledo would've held on and beat Ohio State.  And oh by the way, ASU is now 2-0, while Notre Dame is 0-2.  Maybe someday Lou Holtz will stop telling us all that they belong in the National Championship discussion.  But probably not anytime soon.
  • Mad mad mad props to the NFL for giving us the NFL Red Zone channel.  Better than DirectTV's Sunday Ticket.  I've had them both, and Red Zone is basically the same thing without having to use the remote.  Over seven hours straight of coverage for every single game, but with no commercials.  Yeah, it jumps around a lot, but only to the games where a team is about to score.  If nobody is in the 'Red Zone', then they show the games where the teams are within one score of each other.  And as soon as they go to commercial, it jumps to the next game, just like you would do with a remote, except that it 'knows' where to go, no jumping around looking for live action. Unbelievably cool--it's a degenerate gamblers best friend.  Or a fantasy geek's best friend.  (Or if you happen to be a little bit of both, it's complete football pr0n!)
  • The only problem with that much coverage and no commercials, is that your bathroom and snack breaks are fairly limited, so you have to be committed and have a plan when you get up off the couch.  Otherwise you might miss something. 
  • Seriously, it's the Greatest Channel Evar as far as I'm concerned--no Man Cave is complete without it.
  • Hey, has anyone else noticed that ever since all the online poker sights have been shut down, the douche-baggery factor at the WSOP has been dialed waaaaay down?  Is it just me, or do the people who actually have to pay their own way have better manners?
  • 'Up All Night' is doomed to fail.  Ratings bomb for NBC.  
  • I kind of enjoyed the final episode of Entourage.  The ending was surprisingly good, if somewhat predictable.  Much better than the gang gathering for dinner in some random Italian restaurant while Turtle spends ten minutes trying to parallel park the Lincoln and some lurker in a Members Only jacket ducks into the men's room with Don't Stop Believin' playing in the background...
  • Another post coming on Tuesday afternoon--this one about our annual Labor Day camping trip.  Big fun, but much different than last year's.  I won't be around a computer again until then--staying out at my sister's place after work on Monday because I have another appointment early in the morning on Tuesday out in that direction.

Y'all try to hang in there until then.



par88 said...

NFL Red Zone is great. The only thing better is sitting in a sports book and watching 8 or 10 games at once.

Liz said...

Just wanted to say that I'm glad you're back Mikey!! I was a long time reader and moved over to your "Grant" blog when Linda Lou told us about it. I went there the other day and it was closed. I was so sad. For some reason, I decided to check out my old link to this blog (it was still on my blog) and what a pleasant surprise!! I look forward to continued fun reading!! :-)

Dude said...

The sports guy posted a link in a mail bag awhile back about the end of the Sopranos. I didn't read all of it. But the last season was spent setting up the last scene. I knew you would be back during hurricane season.

THOMAS said...

bullet points rule for us reclickers...make's posts easy for you to do!!!

gotta get through the day somehow!!!