Friday, August 19, 2005

Thieving Bastards...

Apparently, the ever-so-stylish Ghetto Sled is a tempting target for some folks, obviously those with poor taste. As I was leaving the house the other day, I thought to myself, Why is my driver's side door unlocked? Of course, once I sat down and inserted the key, my next question was Why is my dashboard in pieces all over the place and where is the faceplate to my CD player? Yep, I was burgled. Right in my own front yard. Directly under the streetlight.

I had to laugh because they obviously tried to get the entire stereo out of the dash, but only managed to nab the faceplate (which I didn't much care for anyways--the buttons were too small for my fat fingers...) Luckily it's a Sony and needs two special bracket pullers to remove it from the frame. So whatever genius that saw this as a crime of opportunity got away pretty much empty-handed, unless of course he has the exact same model of stereo in his car with a missing faceplate.

Unfortunately, I no longer have tunes to accompany me on my daily commute. And the car is not worth spending the money on a replacement, so I shall drive in relative silence from now on.

Just to piss me off for not allowing them to steal the entire stereo, the perpetrator took off with the knob that turns the lights on and off. I can't turn the post with my bare hands, so I was afraid that I'd have to bring a set of vise-grips with me whenever I drove at night, but then I remembered that the good folks at Lincoln designed this as a 'luxury' car, and there is another switch on the dash which allows the truly lazy to have the lights go on (and off) automatically when the engine is turned over. No vice grips needed.

That, coupled with the fact that the only tool I needed to put the dashboard back together was a clenched fist, made me realize once again just how lucky I am to be pimpin' around in such a fine ride.



Anonymous said...

Rotten bastards ... I had a rental car hit in a parking lot (at the Praza). No note, of course.

I'll be staying at Sunset for a couple of days next month. I'll look you up.

Anonymous said...


Why even bother? A stereo gets you what? $20?

"You can't catch no crackhead"

(Maybe it was Randy Moss?) LOL

Hoyaheel said...

Dang! Sorry to hear that Mikey. Must have some smart thieves in your neighborhood.....

Anonymous said...

Very funny...I couldn't stop laughing. Sorry to hear about your situation. Maybe if you were driving a Lexus you'd get off easier.