Sunday, August 28, 2005

Is it Me, or is it Vegas?

Thankfully summer is coming to an end. That means a couple of things--no more sweating my ass off in the Ghetto Sled with it's broke-ass air conditioner, and also it means more money in my pocket. Cooler weather means more folks coming to Vegas, which means more folks gambling in the casino, which means I'll be working more, and also making more tokes every day. Nice. I'm looking forward to a better income.

Speaking of more people coming to Vegas, just a quick glance at the September calendar shows that I've got lots of visitors on the horizon. My buddy Ed and his wife Michelle will be here next weekend. The weekend after that, my friend Vanessa from Texas is coming out for a few days. My sister Sherry is thinking of coming out for a quick trip during the third week of the month, and the last week of the month my sister Cyndi and about 15 other friends are in town for a weekend of buffoonery. me thinking. I lived in Nashville for two years, and not one soul ever visited me there. Well, scratch that, one person did, but they were actually there on business and we just met up and went out to dinner one night. One could infer that Nashville just doesn't have the appeal that Las Vegas does. Who'da thunkit?

In the meantime, I'm enjoying my evening off, watching all of the pirate documentaries on the Discovery Channel and switching over to the Weather Channel during the commercials to get the latest update on the hurricane. Looks like Katrina and the Waves are going to perform their smash hit on New Orleans. Apparently Mother Nature is tired of the piss smell, too.


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