Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing

It's tough to come up with stuff to keep y'all entertained, believe me. Yesterday, I was kickin' it around the house, trying to think of something interesting to write about. But my mind drew a blank. And after that ridiculously-long post I put up on Sunday, it's hard to come up with material.

Today, the outlook hasn't changed very much. But then, because I've worked nine out of the past eleven days straight, with some really long ones in the mix, my life becomes rather dull. Since that last long post over the weekend, I've not participated in very much buffoonery.

On the other hand, I think I'm gonna save those really long posts for when I've got something important to say or a good story to tell. Going back and re-reading that latest one, it kind of meanders all over the map, and that's no good.


On Monday, I officially joined the Henderson Writers Group, paid my dues, and sat through the entire meeting. I'll probably do my first reading with them in two weeks. And I can guarantee you there will be no wizards, dragons, 'magick' spells, robots, or vampires in any of my work. Seriously--sitting through that genre, to me, is worse than dental work. Oh, there were a couple of *excellent* writers in the group--one guy in particular shared the first chapter of a novel he's writing, based in pre-WWI England, that was just fantastic. I can't wait to hear the rest of it. But sadly, there is an overload of fantasy/sci-fi/vampire fans in the group, and that stuff just bores the hell out of me.

I don't plan on writing a novel, and fiction isn't really my forte, so I'm probably gonna smooth the edges on the Reggie Miller at the Deja Vu story and have that be my first submission.

Other than that, work has kept me busy. I had one short night this week, but last night was one of those good nights I always hope for. I had a full, busy table with a bunch of nice folks and everyone got along and the game lasted all night long into the day shift. And I made some good money, too. Also, Joey D from Buffalo came and sat in for a few hours, dragging a few pots and catching up on old times.

Joey D was part of my monthly home game that I hosted back in Phoenix almost ten years ago. Any of my Original Gangster readers who read my old site and remember my Home Poker page, will remember that Joey was the one who looked forward to poker night more than anyone else, and started bringing the hot Italian beef sandwiches every month. I hadn't seen the guy in about eight years, so it was nice to have him come in and play at my table.

Anyhow, after I dragged my ass out of work this morning, I headed over to Costco to fill up the tank--all that driving to Red Rock and the M and back over the past week or so put me on the fumes. But when I got out of work this morning, I saw something I'd never before seen here in Vegas--dense fog. It's been raining and stormy for the past couple of days, and it got pretty cold last night, too. When I left for work late last night, it was misty and cold out, but when I hit the roof of the parking garage this morning just after sunrise, it was a site to see--the whole Vegas valley covered in a blanket of fog, like we were in San Francisco or something. It looked like the sun was trying to peek through, but still, it was pretty neat. Once I came down the hill, I was enveloped in it, but it looks like it's probably gonna burn off. But we still have a few days of rain ahead of us. And the surrounding mountains all got a fresh dusting of snow, too. So if it manages to get sunny today, it's going to be a beautiful day in Vegas, if not a little chilly.

That's all for now. I'm off to the bank to get rid of the hundies. If I have them in my coffee can, I start thinking of all the stupid shiat I can do with them. If I get them to the bank, I'll probably go ahead and buy a few shares of Citigroup this week.


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