Monday, January 04, 2010

Back To The Real World

So, here we are, the first week back to the grind after the holidays. Welcome to 2010! I'm hoping that all of my readers who have abandoned me these past two weeks find their way back, now that you're all back in your cubes.

From where I sit, 2010 still looks an awful lot like 2009, except for instead of freezing my ass off, it's a balmy 55 degrees here in the cul-de-sac next to America's Playground. I'll take that. Of course, now that the freezing weather has departed, my fleece-lined beanie hat has arrived in the mail. Like Rita Wilson said to Guy Patterson that night in the Blue Spot--You're no good to me now...

I don't have much going on today, except for being thankful that I'm a much better stock picker than I am college football bowl picker. I didn't make any bets this year, but I would've been absolutely taken to the cleaners by picking Oregon, LSU, South Carolina, and Stanford, which I almost did last week. Whew! Dodged a few bullets there. On the other hand, the last two stocks I loaded up on are up 25% (EXAS) and 22% (ETFC) since I pulled the trigger a couple months back. Woot!

Oh and new for 2010, I'll be joining the Henderson Writers Group tonight. Officially joining, not just attending the meetings and offering witty commentary. I figured that I should do it, and Linda Lou has been nagging me to start writing a book, so this is will be the first step in that journey of a thousand miles. Because of that--I need a favor from my long-time readers. Please leave a comment telling me of you favorite posts that I've done over the years. I need material to share with the group, and it would be better if I had an idea of what resonated. But I can't use any of the epic-length stuff--it's got to be something that can be read outloud in under 12 minutes or so. So if anyone has any favorites that fit the criteria, lemme know. If y'all would do that, I'd be most appreciative.

Other than that, I've got absolutely nothing new to report or any long and colorful stories to share today. As much as I hate to admit it, the creative cupboard is bare. Oh, I'm sure I'll be back on pace in a day or two, but for right now, I shall seek inspiration in two of my favorite places--from within the pages of a book that somebody else has written, and in the bottom of a glass.


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