Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Little Zip

Woohoo! I'm home early this morning, the side effect of having the same people win all the pots in the poker game over and over again. I don't mind--I'm in the middle of a long week, so a short shift is ok this time.

After I pulled the ripcord at the casino, I finally hit the grocery store, something I've been putting off for far too long. Of course I stocked up on the essentials--coffee, bread, OJ, canned goods for when the inevitable lean weeks return, etc. But when I went to get a jar of salsa, I saw a new must-have item--Hint of Jalapeno Tostitos. I've been munchin' on the Hint of Lime version almost exclusively for some time, but when I saw this, I had to give it a try. I'm sampling the goods as I type this, and I give 'em two thumbs up. Very tasty.

The great thing about them is they have some zip, so they'd go great with like bean dip or even plain old salsa like I'm doing right now. Like I said--very tasty--we may have a new favorite on our hands.

While I was shopping, I also picked up some chicken thighs (better flavor than the boneless-skinless breasts), and I think I'm gonna make some pasta alfredo with grilled chicken, mushrooms, and black olives. That should be pretty good. I figure if I just marinate them in some olive oil and Italian seasonings, it should turn out pretty well. But that'll probably be tomorrow night or maybe this weekend. I also got my hands on some fresh ears of corn and a couple of packages of frozen shrimp, so I'm looking forward to some quality time in the kitchen.

Speaking of this weekend, word around the campfire is that there will be some buffoonery on tap with my main cougar, Linda Lou. I'm not sure exactly what we're gonna be doing, but I'm guessing that dark beer and live music will be involved.


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