Sunday, August 23, 2009

Death of a Coffee Pot


I'm going to be coffee-less for a couple of days, it looks like. My coffee maker, though still intact, is useless without a proper decanter. And somehow, the glass decanter suffered a mortal wound today.

I was making a leisurely Sunday morning afternoon breakfast of French toast and bacon, and thought, it being a gray and overcast day, that coffee would be better than fruit juice this time. I was making my way back and forth between the stove and the TV (the Cardinals game was on), and I noticed the coffeemaker making a whole lot more noise and sizzle than usual. And there was steam coming from the bottom of the pot, not just the top. Odd.

But I ignored it for a few and busied myself with the tasks at hand, attending to my bacon and watching Smoltzie hook himself up to the juvenation machine and strike out seven Padres in a row. On one particular pass through the kitchen I noticed a growing brown puddle on the counter, spreading in all directions, threatening to engulf all within it's liquid grasp. Something was amiss!

So I hastily filled a cup, and then grabbed a few bar towels to fight the encroaching hazelnut tide that was sweeping across the kitchen. I fetched the mostly-empty pitcher of chilled coffee from the fridge, and dumped in all that was left from the decanter, saving whatever precious elixir I could.

Upon closer inspection of the glass decanter, I noticed a small crack along the bottom edge, like a rock chip in a windshield. And as soon as I filled it with cold water, it spiderwebbed itself into about a three-inch crack, marking the end of my coffee-making adventures, at least for a few days.

Other than that, breakfast was pretty damn good. But now I have to go and spend a few bucks on a new glass decanter. They're only about $11 at WalMart, but I was hoping to avoid going there for at least another week or so.

As far as other fascinating news from the home front goes... My new dining room clock--well, it doesn't look so good on that big damn blank dining room wall. By adding a twelve-inch clock in the middle of that huge frontier of open space, all it does is draw attention to the big empty wall, so it didn't look good at all. I've relocated it to the kitchen instead. I've decided that I'll just save my pennies and eventually buy me one of those big wooden ship's wheels that has a clock embedded in the hub, instead. That'll look much better, anyways, especially if I flank it with a couple of hurricane lamps or something of that nature.

Then, a new dining room table. And a new headboard for my bed. And a coffee table. And some art for the walls. And oh yeah, a couch and a coffee pot...


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