Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Devil Has Come to Tsavo Henderson!

The Dirt Devil, that is...

Finally, after almost a full week of waiting, my new vacuum cleaner has arrived. Just as I was logging onto my account on Amazon to check the tracking status a few minutes ago, there was a knock on my front door--it was the UPS man.

Of course, as much as I'd love to cut the box open and get to cleaning the floors here at the apartment, I can't do it just yet. I forgot to go to the store this morning after work and get some carpet freshener. But I will tomorrow morning. Besides, I was just exhausted, and wanted to just come straight home--the last two nights in the poker room have kicked my ass, and I've got three more to go. (But that's a good thing!) Hell, I'll even have some--gasp!--overtime on my next check...

I was talking to Mamasan this morning, and told her that if this keeps up, I may be able to go buy that new thousand-dollar sectional next week, and relegate the camp chair permanently out the the patio where it belongs. Boy, that sure would be nice--all I would need then to complete my living room ensemble is some sort of coffee table and a new picture or two on the wall. Once that's done, the next item is a new bookcase headboard for my bed, and then a better looking dining room table. After that, I'm completely furnished except for odds and ends (oh yeah, I want a new set of nightstands, and maybe a side-table for the dining area, but neither are that big of a deal).

Hopefully business will continue to pick up and the recession will soon become a distant memory. If that's the case I'll start doing some option trading again (or at least share a few ideas here), and building up the nest egg again. I've got the retirement funds chugging along nicely, but I don't do anything with them except buy and hold mutual funds--it'll be nice to 'get back in the game', as it were.

As glad as I am to be back at the keyboard again, my life is kind of boring right now. I'm working more than twice as much as I used to, and I'm on a money-saving frugality kick right now, so my recreational options are somewhat limited. I've scaled way back on the poker playing (I mean, who wants to work all week in a poker room, and then spend their free time hanging around in the same place? Not me...), and I haven't had any new dining adventures around town in quite some time. In fact, the only eating out I've done in a month was having dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Linda Lou, and when Angy was in town, we went out to PF Chang's one night. On the other hand, I found out that Pie Town Pizza on Green Valley and Sunset will deliver to my apartment, and I've taken advantage of that knowledge twice now.

There's also a gal I've been kinda-sorta seeing on and off for a couple of months, but that ain't goin' anywhere. All it does is cost me money and she's chock-full of bat-shiat crazy, too, so I've been dodging her calls for the last week or so. I'm not quite a hermit in a cabin working on a political manifesto, but right now, all I do is work, read, and sleep. Hell, I haven't even done any fun cooking in awhile, either (although today I boiled some sliced onions in four bottles of Amber Bock, then added a few Johnsonville Beer Brats, imparting a nice aroma to the house. Once they were cooked through, I tossed a couple on the grill and had a great lunch).

I guess I'm just waiting for something interesting to happen, and when it does, y'all will be the first to hear about it...


PS. Okay, so I've been back for about a week, and I just noticed that I've used two pictures of Michael Douglas holding a gun... Coincidence?

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