Sunday, November 13, 2005

Oldie Butt A Goodie

I was going through all of my old picture files this evening and I found this gem from my buddy Eddie B. I'd have to say it's one of his finest Vegas moments.

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Rob Black said...

Hey Mikey,

Just wanted to post a comment that I really enjoy your blog. I have "met" you a few times on the T2V boards (though I haven't posted there in awhile..) and we swapped a few emails regarding restaurant recommendations when I was taking a trip to your former hometown of Nashville.

Anyway, you are a good writer, and you really do a nice job of convey this adventure you are on.

Some life changes for me have cut back my Vegas trips (temporarily) but rest assured that when I do get back, I'd like to join the many internet fans who have bought you a drink (or two...)

Rob aka DC Wolf

ps: Thanks to your blog, Appleton's and 7-UP is now my drink of choice! :)