Friday, November 25, 2005


Today I'm realizing that the worst part of missing a big family Thanksgiving is the utter lack of leftovers to munch on. No pie, no potatoes, no stuffing, and no can-shaped cranberry sauce. But the true bummer is having no turka sandies to chow on, so I went with ham & cheese. But on a positive note, that smoked chipotle mayonaise was pretty good. Can't wait to bust into the wasabi style bottle next time around.

I had to work last night--as did everyone else I know in this city. All week everyone was telling me that it was going to be sloooow on Thanksgiving night--just like last year. Well, they were wrong. We had all four dice tables open, and they were all packed. The entire pit was full--we even opened tables that never get opened except for Friday and Saturday nights. I'm looking forward to finding out just how much we made last night--I know I dropped a ton of tokes while I was dealing blackjack. About halfway through the night I got moved to dice and the table was ice cold, just wiping everyone out, so the tokes weren't nearly as substantial.

Before working last night, I had a pretty relaxing day. On Wednesday night (Ok, actually it was Thursday morning at 4am) all of the dealers that I hang out with got together over at our local bar for a few drinks and a lot of laughs, although I bugged out just before the sun came up. I wanted to go straight to bed, but couldn't sleep, and then my phone started ringing because the rest of the family is a couple of hours ahead of me. I finally collapsed just as the Atlanta/Detroit game was starting and missed the entire thing. So basically I slept all day in front of the tv, waking up here and there to catch bits of the later game.

I had my turkey/stuffing/etc dinner that night once I got to work, and even managed to get a piece of pumpkin pie. It was decent, but not nearly as enjoyable as spending the day with all of my goofball siblings and relatives around the family table.

But today is my day off. I've got the Arizona/ASU game in the background and a rum drink in the foreground, the bills are paid, I've got it made in the shade and all I need, is a beautiful girl...


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