Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still Here, Just Busy

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of updates, but it's been a very hectic couple of days. I had a great weekend, but yesterday was kind of a biatch--the biggest pain in the ass was finding out that my debit card was compromised, so I was dealing with that for a good portion of the day. Luckily my bank caught it before I did, so the damage was minimal.

On the other hand, I'm in the middle of a very busy day. I've spent the morning housecleaning because later this evening I'm having some friends over to play some Chinese poker--I'll talk more about that tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm doing a bit of practicing my craft for the next hour or so, as I have an audition at a very nice top-tier poker room this afternoon.

Also, I have some family coming to town late this evening, so I'll be hanging out with them for the next couple of days, and then I'm heading out of town this weekend and I'll be gone for a bit--I've got job interviews in two different cities in the next several days, and I'm also going back to Nashville, too.

More details and updates when I get some time, but right now, I still have a bunch of things left on the to-do list.



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