Sunday, November 07, 2010

Patience, Grasshopper

Hey everyone...  Gotta start off by apologizing for my absence these past few days.  I'm working on writing up stuff from the cruise, and also sharing some pics, but it seems that nobody I went with is sharing their pictures.  I got a few from Cyndi and Tim, and I suppose that if I use some of those with some of mine, it'll get the job done.  But I was really hoping Reverend Dave would get his you-know-what in gear and upload some of the thousand-plus pics he took.

And y'all thought *I* was lazy...  Heh.  Meet the family!

Anyhow, not only am I waiting for some more pictures, but I've also been fairly busy.  Friday was a too-cold-to-do anything but hide out under a blanket all day kind of day, and then that night Amy and I went out to Puckett's Grocery down in Franklin to see Scottie's band play.  We had a good time, and I really dig the vibe in that place.  The food could've been better, but we chalked it up to the kitchen being overwhelmed that night--the place was packed to the gills.

On Saturday, I gathered up all my clothes and books and whatever else I had there at Amy's house and moved back down to Spring Hill.  Yep, I'm healthy enough to live in a house with stairs now, so it was time to move on.  My recovery is coming along nicely, and the hard part is behind me now.  I can start acting like a normal person once again (I even got the classified ads from the paper on Sunday morning so I can start looking for a part-time job).

The bummer of it is, no more pugs keeping me entertained all day long, but on the other hand, there's a house full of animals here, too.  First of all, there's Jake, a typical man's-best-friend dog--just great to have around and lots of fun to play with.  And he's mellow as hell, too.

... And then there's Nelson.  He's a very sweet and happy-go-lucky hound dog, but he ain't the smartest dog to ever sniff the fire hydrant.  On the other hand, he's done pretty well for himself starring in various adult films, IYKWIM...

Rounding out the herd is Major, the smartest cat I've ever seen.  I don't have a picture of him right now, but he's one cool customer.  He answers to his name, comes when you call him, and loves to sit up on you and be affectionate.  He's also a total narc on the other animals when they're doing something they ought not to be, and when he talks, he's like Lassie--you always know exactly what he's saying.  I'll get some pictures of him soon, but the bottom line is that Major will turn even the most jaded cat-hater into a cat-lover.  Just ask my brother Tim...

Anyhow, I got moved down here on Saturday evening, but we didn't do much but hang out around the house that night.  Just loading my truck with a few suitcases and bags took its toll.  Today was a football day and there was more of the same--I just laid about on the couch under a blanket.  Ever since we got back from the cruise, I've been extremely tired--I got more exercise that week than I had the entire month previous, and I think I wore myself out a little bit.  I'm trying to get back into the rhythm of recovery, but man, I'm just pooped.  Not only that, but I think my heavy-assed luggage did an encore on me, like that time I accidentally tried to pick up the case of water a few weeks ago.  Well, this time, I lifted, carried, and dragged my luggage around, and my ribs feel like I went a few rounds with Mike Tyson.  Couple that with all the exertion from the cruise (I'll tell you about the swim to shore and back that damn near did me in), and well, I'm still hurtin' a little.

Hopefully on Monday the sun will be out and I can go out and take a nice long walk--I know that'll make me feel better after all the laziness of the past couple of days.  I'll also work on polishing off the details of the cruise, so maybe that'll be up by Tuesday.

Anyhow, that's all for now.  I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here, but just kinda runnin' on empty for a couple of days.

Peace out.



Mel Rains said...

Looking forward to it.  The longer the wait the better it will be I'm sure!

Wildcat Fan

Habanaman13 said...

Have you ever known us to be patient?  I am doing my best to limit myself only looking for the update 3 times a day... 

Only 26 days until I go on my first cruise.  I am looking to your epic tale for guidance and, as we have all come to expect, to raise the bar on good times!

hurricanemikey said...

I'm still writin'. Although it's not told as an epic story, it's pretty damn long so far.

FredGarvinMP said...

Yes, we want the story.

No, we don't want you sick again.

Don't veg, but don't over-do it! We can wait until it's ready!

But you already know that! 8-)