Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pulling the Plug

I know that I don't get much traffic here on weekends, but I wanted to make a quick post before I go off the grid for the next several days.

It's crunch time, and although I've got most of the house packed up and ready to go, there's still a bunch of little stuff that needs to be done that's going to take up most of my day today. For instance, I still need to disassemble the surround sound system and take the cable box back to the Cox office. Plus I still have about three loads of laundry to do, along with taking my bed apart. The couch has to get moved out at some point, and oh yeah, Ed W is in town and wants to meet up for a cigar and a drink or two this afternoon.

Besides all that, I still have to clean out the fridge and pack up the pots and pans, too. But other than that, it's mostly cleaning and vacuuming, and then it's highway time. I'm picking up the trailer at 8:30 tomorrow morning, and then the movers are coming at 10:30. I should be done by noon, and after a quick vacuum and walk-thru and a shower, I'm gonna go ahead and hit the road. No need to wait around until Monday morning. I mean, hell, I won't have anyplace to sit, no tv to watch, no internet to browse, and it's not like I'm gonna be cruising around town in my fully-loaded truck with a trailer on the back of it, so I'll just go ahead and pull the ripcord on this place.

I hope to make it to somewhere on the other side of Albuquerque by the time I stop for the night, but we'll see. If I make it out of Arizona by midnight, I'll consider myself far ahead of schedule.

So as dull as this update is, it's my last post from Vegas. I guess I wanted to have a nice long essay with my thoughts on the past five years out here, but I'll have plenty of time for that kind of navel-gazing and introspection once I get settled out in Tennessee.

Unfortunately for you re-clickers out there, you probably won't see another post until after the Labor Day weekend--well, at least not one of much substance. I'll try and let everyone know that I made it across country ok, but then once I get to TN, it's gonna be a whirlwind week and I won't get plugged in at my new place until I get back from our camping trip in Alabama.

So until then, kiddies, y'all have a lovely weekend, a good week, and a great holiday weekend. I am outta here!


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