Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Can't Find A Date!

Do you mind if we dance with yo dates?

Ok, so as far as stuffed dates go, we won't be having them at poker night tomorrow night. I've gone out searching for Medjool dates, and I can't find them anywhere. Well, I'll admit that I haven't been over to Whole Foods yet, but by the time I hit three different grocery stores, I'd given up. Oh, you can buy dates alright, but all of the ones I found are chopped. That doesn't do me much good if I want to stuff 'em.

So scratch that off the list. Maybe next week. I've got some free time later in the week, so maybe I'll head over to the District and visit Whole Foods. Not only did I come up empty on the dates, but this morning when I was at Smith's, I couldn't find toothpicks anywhere, and they didn't have any plain roasted almonds in stock, either. All they had were doctored up flavored ones--not what I was looking for. So I gave up on the stuffed dates idea at that point. I'll still do the sausage balls for some finger food/appetizers, but I think I'm gonna take the easy way out and just order a couple of pies from Villa Pizza for our main grub. Besides, I've got about a million things to do on Wednesday, starting fairly early in the morning, so I can't tie myself up all day in the kitchen making all kinds of tasty treats.

Hey, remember how I said I don't want to be one of those internet toads on Full Tilt who play multiple tournaments at the same time and slow the game down for everyone? Well, last night I got into another 27-player sit-n-go, and when we got down to seven players at the final table, the little announcement thingy scrolled through talking about the $20,000 guaranteed tourney coming up in a few minutes with only an $11 buy-in. So I was all over that--besides, they paid 306 places and only about 1500 people had signed up.

I figured the final table wouldn't last much longer anyways, so there I was, playing in two tourneys at the same time. Well, as it turned out, I don't think I'll be doing that very often. Maybe I need a bigger display, but the old 15" monitor here on the laptop isn't conducive to running two screens at the same time. Well, maybe my eyes aren't. Actually, I don't think I prepared for it, with the off-screen bouncing in at the exact wrong moment several times, farking with my concentration.

So I screwed up a few times with the 'big' tournament, because once I got into the money in the sit-n-go, I devoted all of my attention to it. I guess it worked out for the best, because I took down that tournament, winning it outright. And of course I busted out of the big one even before I won the initial tournament. After that, I shut it down for the night. I still sorta have to treat it like a part-time job, but I don't want to get burnt out on it. My game is very good right now, so I don't want to overdo it.

Once I got home from the store this morning, I logged on and found another 18-player SNG, and of course I got to the cash. Once we were five-handed, I had a huge stack and figured that I'd cruise to a win. I called a small raise with Ace-Queen suited, and the flop was Nine-Queen-Queen. Then the dumbass with the second highest chip stack went all-in. I had to call, and they showed pocket Jacks. No problem there, except then the board turned a 10, and rivered a King, giving my opponent a perfect-perfect straight.

I was crippled then, but managed to survive and make my way to third place, losing with two pair against a rivered set. I can't feel too bad about that--I was still pissed off about the pocket Jacks beating me. Oh well, ya can't win 'em all, and I still turned a decent profit. I might play in another one later tonight, but right now, I think I'm just gonna relax and take some time away from the computer.

I still have plenty of housework to do in preparation for tomorrow, and I haven't eaten a damn thing today, so maybe lunch is in order...


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