Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Finally--It is done! Here it is:

Man, I love me some jigsaw puzzlin', but I will be the first to admit that this one was a cast-iron bitch to finish. Maybe I'm just out of practice, but there were a few sections that just gave me fits. All that brown on the left, for instance. Oh, and all those trees in the middle, off in the distance--they suck too. But the worst was the blue sky. The clouds were tedious, but not nearly as hard as the sky in three different shades of blue that required me to use three different lights shining down from above to be able to see the subtle differences.

The final piece went in about ten minutes ago, and it was a plain-blue piece in the upper right quadrant, between the three clouds. And this puzzle was especially tricky because so many pieces were almost the same color and almost the same shape, so there was lots of backtracking involved.

But I'm glad it's over. I'm enjoying a palpable sense of relief and accomplishment right now, and I'm halfway tempted to light a victory cigar and go get a couple of lappies. I'll probably just load the dishwasher instead. And I'll probably wait a week or two before I get started on the next one.

Anyhow--this was the main reason I've been AWOL from the blog the past few days. I was either working at the casino or working at the dining room table on this little project--I didn't play any poker. As busy as I was with the puzzle, my real job has kept me busy, too. I only worked 28 hours last week, (which is probably still some kind of record), but I made a small fortune while I was there. I certainly can't complain. All I can do is daydream about how easy my life would be if I were ever to work a full 40 hours every week.

I hope it stays that busy this week, but so far, I'm off to a weak start--I got the call last night that the last game broke early, so I had the night off. That happened once last week, too, but I certainly made up for it over the weekend. I'd like that to be the case again this week.

I don't have anything else to report--I was supposed to go to the Henderson Writers Group last night, but I completely forgot about it. I remember looking up at the clock, seeing that it was 9:00 pm and suddenly realized that I'd missed the meeting. Oh well--I wasn't reading anything anyways. Maybe next time.

As far as today goes, I'm gonna relax, bask in my sense of accomplishment, do some reading, run a couple of errands, and wait for the UPS man to bring the latest box of goodies to my door. After that, I'll take a nap.


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