Thursday, March 04, 2010

Killing Time Before the Bank Opens

Hey Gang!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week... Me? Well, I was scheduled to work three nights this week, but the first one got canceled. Luckily the other two have been crazy-busy. I just got home from another long night in the box, and although I'm tired, I'm not quite exhausted yet, so I'm going to stay up long enough to get down to the bank and make a deposit, and then maybe run a few other errands.

Due to being massively busy at work the past two nights, I haven't had much time to do anything else. I tried to sleep yesterday, but my phone kept ringing, and then I had to get up and help AC again. He wanted to go over to Big Lots and pick up this white pantry cabinet thing to put in the utility room in his new place, and needed my truck to bring it home. So we headed down there yesterday afternoon to do some shopping.

Now, I've never been to Big Lots before, but man, I wish I would've discovered it back when I first moved into this place and the Batch Pad was just an empty shell--they had all kinds of good stuff as far as home decor goes. Of course, they were sold out of the pantry cabinets that AC wanted but he did a bunch more shopping, stocking up on paper towels and bottled water and such. I only got a few things--a meatloaf/bread pan for baking, some copper scrubbers for cleaning my cast iron, and four cans of discontinued Tag body spray (I liked their original versions, and they had a bunch of 'Step Out' for only $2.00 a can, so I bought them). Most of the stuff in there is complete shiat, but every now and then, there are treasures to be found.

After we bailed out of there, we drove over to a new pizza place to give it a try. Remember how I was bummed that Pie Town Pizza had closed down a few months ago? Well, one of the owners plays poker in my room occasionally, and I ran into him last week. He said that he partnered up with some other guys and they opened a new restaurant, called Unique Pizza. It's there in Henderson, almost right next door to Sunset Station, in the old Pier 39 Pizza space.

So we stopped in there last night. It was decent, but nothing to get too excited about. I liked Pie Town much better, and of course it doesn't even come close to approaching the awesomeness that is Grimaldi's. But it was pretty good, if you're in the neighborhood.

After dinner, I went over and checked out AC's new place--it's pretty sweet. I was fighting some stuffed up sinuses and suffering from lack of sleep, so after that I came home, took a hot shower, and went straight to bed for a few hours. I woke up to my phone ringing--the poker room wanted me to come in to work early.

Like I said, it was another crazy-ass busy night for me--I was locked down the entire time and made some great money. But I'm not scheduled again until next Monday night. Of course, I'm on-call all weekend, and I'm hoping that I pick up another shift or two like last weekend.

Oh, and yesterday, I saw my boss for the first time in forever, and while talking to her, I got my vacation time approved for March Madness and also the cruise later on this fall. And just a few minutes ago I sent another $150 to the cruise line to pay down my balance. That balcony stateroom is almost all paid off, and I cannot wait until October!

Anyhow, once I get a bite to eat and go to the bank, I've got a couple of other stops to make. I'm going to hit Aaron Brothers to see about getting a backing board and a mat cut-out for my puzzle. Then I'll have it framed and glassed. I may also hit Costco for a few things and also one of the local smoke shops. I don't know why, but in addition to my cigars, I've been wanting to get an old-skool meerschaum pipe like my Grandpa had and smoke some Captain Black out on my patio at night.

Back in the day, Reverend Dave and I tried our hands at smoking quality pipe tobacco, but it was just too much work--tamping and re-lighting. Clearly we were doing something wrong, but I enjoyed it, and I love the smell of pipe smoke, so I think I'm going to try it again. Besides, everyone knows that a proper sailboat captain smokes a pipe, anyways.


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