Friday, March 26, 2010

The Picture Doesn't Do It Justice

All that effort and expense has finally paid off! Yes--I got my puzzle back from the frame shop at Michael's earlier this evening, and now it's hanging on the wall in my dining room. I took a straight-on view picture, too, but the flash leaves a small hot spot in the photo, even though the puzzle is encased in glare reducing 'masterpiece' glass. So I took this offset view instead.

It's very hard to tell from the picture here, but it turned out amazing. The mat looks awesome--it really compliments the background colors, and yeah, you can totally tell the difference in the higher-quality glass versus some of the other stuff I have hanging on my walls. I swear that when I got it home, I just propped it up on a dining room chair and sat there staring at it for about twenty minutes--it turned out that well.

Anyhow, that's the news for today--but I'm pretty sure that they'll be some food pr0n posted over the weekend.


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