Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It's Groundhog Day... Again...

Go nuts, everybody!

Wow. I'm still messing up the date on checks every time I pay a bill, and we've already got one month in the books for 2010.

Everyone always says that the calendar speeds up as you get older, but my theory is that time only goes fast when you've got monthly obligations and you're not quite sure how you're gonna meet them every time. Ask somebody sitting in the joint looking at three-to-five for probation violation. They'll tell you that the calendar is moving waaaay too slowly. Hopefully, we all fall someplace between the two extremes.

Anyhow, there's not a lot going on here today. I had a short shift at work last night, but I'm not complaining. Two days into my workweek and I've already tripled up my hours versus last week. So things are looking up.

I finally finished up the last of the pineapple chicken yesterday afternoon, and it was damn tasty. I managed to stretch it out and get four meals out of it, so not only was it good to eat, but it went a long way, too. The mushrooms, on the other hand, were kind of a flop, and as much as I wanted to enjoy them, I'm saving them to be the first thing I toss down my new garbage disposal (that should be installed sometime today). I'm gonna take a break from the wok for a couple of days, I think, and maybe wait to do the chow mein on Friday.

Yesterday I got so busy doing little household projects and such that I only managed to get a couple of hours of sleep after I got home from work. Around 2:00 in the afternoon, I remembered that I was scheduled to read that night for the folks at the Henderson Writers Group. So I formatted and printed out the Reggie Miller stripper story, and then gave it a practice run out-loud. I timed it, and it took just under fifteen minutes to read it, and I was going pretty fast. That wouldn't do--I needed to cut it down to ten minutes or so in order to have some time for constructive feedback.

I spent about an hour cutting and trimming, and got it down to four-and-a-half printed pages from its original seven, but still, I felt it was a little too long and disjointed. It needs some more smoothing. By then, it was late in the afternoon, I'd had no sleep, and I still would have to go to Kinko's and get a bunch of copies made. So I just emailed the club president and rescheduled my reading for two weeks--it wasn't up to snuff, and I really needed to get some sleep.

I went to bed around 5:00 in the evening, and forgot to set my alarm. I ended up waking up just seven minutes later than usual, but I wasn't late to work or anything. However, once I got to work, I felt like crap. I was just a little dehydrated, not sick or anything, but still, I didn't mind so much when the big stacks knocked out the little stacks and we called it a night after just a few hours.

Once I got home this morning, I drank about a half a gallon of green tea and watched last night's episode of 24. As much as I enjoy that show, I'll admit that I'm not in love with the filler they're using this season. One would assume that you'd have to pass a pretty thorough background check to work at CTU, and also, as much of a computer genius as Chloe's husband is, you'd think he'd be able to find some sort of gig in a year's time. I dunno--I could rant all day about all the stuff that's wrong with the show, but instead, I'll be happy to embrace the transference of reality while I watch.

I don't have much else to report today--I've got no plans except to hit the bank at some point this afternoon. I may go to Costco, too, but I'm not sure. I just made all this money, I don't want to spend it all so soon.

Maybe I'll just hang out in the local diner and strike up a conversation with Nancy Taylor...


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