Friday, December 17, 2010

Still Elfin' It Up

Just a week left before Christmas, and we're still carrying on with holiday prep.  Cyndi got home in the middle of the night from her last week of traveling, so once we finish off this pot of coffee, we're off to the races again. 

We've got a few errands to run, but most importantly, we have to hit the grocery store for a bunch of baking stuff--tomorrow the kids are coming over to make Christmas treats all day, so we have to load up on all of the ingredients and get everything ready, because I'm sure the weekend will be complete chaos.

While Cyndi and the kids are annihilating the kitchen, Tim, Mike, Jeff, and I have to find something to do, but I think the plan is that we're just gonna hang out and watch The Christmas Story, unless of course we can find a bowl game or something.

I still have another batch of peanut butter ball dough in the fridge, and I still need to roll them out and get them dipped, and once they're done, I'm taking little gift tins full of them to a couple of the neighbors who've kinda checked up on me and offered to help out back when I was really sick.  After that, I think I have maybe one or two things left to wrap, one more gift to buy, and then pick up a couple of little stocking-stuffers, and then all of my Christmas running around is finished.  Oh, I may spring for a bag of candy or a couple of quarts of eggnog for our Christmas Eve party, but basically, my work here is done! 

Tomorrow night, a bunch of us are getting together for dinner to celebrate Mamasan' 70th birthday, so I'll probably end up spending the night over at the Hippie House once the party winds down (I think there may be some margaritas on the agenda, and although I can only drink one, it still farks me up like a high school girl trying her first wine cooler).  It should be a good time though, and I'm looking forward to getting together with everyone.

Anyhow, that's all for now.  I have to get dressed and go shopping.  Word around the campfire is that they're selling discounted 'ethnic' nativity scenes at the Cracker Barrel up in Cool Springs (the whitest place in Tennessee), and I'd like to get my hands on a few of them for next year's gifts...  Heh.

Later y'all,



Andrea said...

Humanitarian Bowl...Fresno State vs. Northern Illinois!  Go DOGS!!!!  terrible, but we'll take it!  heh. 

carmen said...

Merry Christmas Mikey!  Those peanut butter balls look amazing!!

hurricanemikey said...

Thanks!  Hope all is well with you...