Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Current Events

I don't watch the news on TV much--I get most of my news over the internet these days. Normally, when I have more time on my hands I'm usually up to speed on things, so I feel like I'm behind the curve on the whole Terri Shiavo controversy. I could go on a rant, but I'll leave it to the experts who are more in-the-know. But I've got two immediate thoughts about the whole thing:

1) Thank God she isn't black.

2) I hope her "husband" ends up the same way someday. Karma, that's all.

I really should know more about the situation and have an informed opinion, but there's only so many hours in the day. I hope she finds comfort and peace in her last days.


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Hoyaheel said...

What is the biggest lesson we've learned? GET IT IN WRITING.

My husband knows he should do the same thing that Michael Shiavo has been trying to do. And what's more, I have the living will to back him up.

There are several good websites online to start creating YOUR living will: http://www.ncmedsoc.org/pages/public_resources/public_resources.html